Our Team

We’re dedicated to helping people discover meals that help them feel and perform at their best. That’s what motivates us and brings us to work every day—improving lives through balanced nutrition. Meet our team.

Aila Frishman
Senior Digital Director

Aila has a diverse background in digital marketing and e-commerce, including managing the website for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Having worked for several high-growth companies, her focus as a leader is on adaptability. As she explains it, “You never know what opportunities are going to come up and how I may need to shift my focus and my team’s priorities.”

Dave Binkowski
Vice President, Sales

Dave, aka “Bink” has worked in Consumer Packaged Goods and Natural Foods for 30+ years. He firmly believes that “if you treat people with respect and honesty they’ll go to battle with you every time.” When he’s not overseeing Sales and brokering new deals, he likes to unwind by riding horses at his farm.

Greg Conner
Founder, Eat Local

Greg believes the greatest decision he has made so far is founding Eat Local, and committing to creating “great-tasting meals that always fulfill nutritional promises made to the customer.” In his free time, he likes to work on Internet-Enabled planes.

Kathy Pelletier
Senior Brand Manager

Kathy starts her day with High-Intensity Interval Training and ends it with bedtime meditation. She describes her biggest achievement to-date as “figuring out how to get into this company—it was a goal since 2013.” She loves the fact that our team takes the time to laugh and we truly enjoy our work.

Lawrence Scotland
Senior Vice President, Digital Brand & Marketing

Lawrence oversees our marketing, digital, and creative teams. He believes that “purpose-led means so much more when your company’s purpose is to help people live longer, healthier lives.” He’s dedicated to empowering team members so they can grow, take more responsibility, and become better leaders themselves.

Mary E Barrett
Senior Director, Food Service

Mary is a relationship-builder and problem-solver who makes sure “we don’t forget to laugh throughout work and life.” When she’s not networking, managing accounts, going to Zumba, or relaxing at the lake with her family, she likes to binge-watch television shows with her dog Alexi—who blissfully snores the whole time.

Matthew Steed
Senior Brand Manager, Eat Local

Matthew has over 20 years of experience in product development, merchandising, and retail, working for international brands. What he loves most about his job is the fact that “we provide such a large range of products to customers, giving them a wide variety of options in terms of taste and nutritional offerings.”

Meghan Best
Senior Vice President, Finance

Meghan is a Chartered Professional Accountant, avid trail runner, and marathoner. She’s proud to have created a team that is “constantly finding new ways to make nutritious food accessible and affordable for our customers.” You might find her deep in a financial model or manning our booth at a wellness festival.

Paul Ward
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Paul is equally in his element creating complex financial reports and mountain bike racing. When it comes to our dynamic growth, he says “Fast-paced change is always underway, and being able to tackle new problems as they arise is crucial to our success. I love that everyone in the team is communicating effectively.”

Ro Tinoco
Creative Director

Formerly the founder of a successful advertising agency, Ro now leads our Creative team. He strongly believes that you must “always, and I mean ALWAYS put your team first.” He helps foster an ego-free, collaborative environment that recognizes peoples’ diverse voices and talents.