Written by Christine Day, Luvo CEO

Why Frozen Food?

People often ask me about my journey from Starbucks and Lululemon to Luvo. Why did I choose such a small company to run, and why frozen food? There are three reasons:

1) Passion

I have to be passionate about my work, and that passion comes from the purpose and mission of the company itself, as well as a deeply personal place. My family has experienced the devastating effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Due to an illness in her early 50s, my mother’s pancreas was damaged, which affected her ability to produce insulin. She became diabetic. I found myself standing in the grocery aisle, looking for food that my father could easily make for my mother. I couldn’t find food that both my parents would eat, and met their dietary requirements. 20+ years later, her fallout from living with Type 2 Diabetes is kidney failure, vision loss, and limb loss. The truth is, their dietary requirements could be easily met–but no one was making food that fit the criteria. So I began to research the options, and that’s how I became a label reader.

2) Opportunity to Grow

The food industry is ripe for change–pun intended (!) There’s tremendous opportunity ahead for growth and industry disruption. While diabetes was having a profound impact on my family, an entrepreneur approached me and asked me to invest in what was then a small company. I realized that this company (now Luvo Foods) was the opportunity to create what was needed – convenient food that tastes great; has sound but simple nutrition principles; is made sustainably, and available at an accessible price. Luvo is out to prove the food industry can create nutritiously made and delicious meals at an accessible cost. The average price of a fast food meal is now over $6.00. The Standard American Diet (SAD) means 80% of people don’t eat enough vegetables, 90% don’t eat enough fruit, 100% don’t eat enough whole grains and fiber. 100% eat too much sodium and sugar. The cost to us as a society is 3 trillion in health care dollars, with 75% of these funds being spent on preventable conditions.

3) Making a Meaningful Impact

It’s important to use what I’ve learned in my journey in business to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The cost of inadequate nutrition includes the impact on our loved ones, and our quality of life. Obesity is on the rise, along with an increase in teens diagnosed with early onset Type 2 Diabetes. Projecting ahead 20 years from now, I see an overwhelmed healthcare system and devastating loss to families. I get up every day determined to change a food system that’s not providing the nourishment we need. I’m a big supporter of environmentally sustainable practices, and I believe our food must have nutritional value, as well as address the prevalence of empty calories and the insulin spikes which come from too many added sugars and artificial ingredients in our processed foods. Frozen Food 3.0 is about marrying great taste, simplicity, and nutrition. Our busy lives demand convenience, but it shouldn’t have to cost us our health.

I’m ready to start a food fight. I hope you’ll join me and my cause – building a nutrition nation. Let’s get real food that nourishes us on the shelf, and on our plates.

Luvo, food for the greater good.

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