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Lunch at the office can be hard. Here's how some people deal with it.

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Garbage Disposal

Completely clueless to the virtues of vegetables, the Garbage Disposal is the most unhealthy eater in the office. Not only are his food choices questionable, the speed in which he eats is confounding. Whether it’s fast food, leftover lasagna (again) or a supersized ‘hangry man’ dinner, this guy inhales his lunch in under two minutes while watching youtube videos at his desk.

What he's reading on the blog

The Restorative Benefits of Napping
The History of Pizza: America’s Favorite Food
The Evolution of the Doughnut
Chicken in BBQ Sauce Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Chicken in BBQ Sauce

"Dude this is the bomb. I usually eat two of them with a handful of cheezies crumbled on top for extra crunch."

Kitchen President

No one place on earth harbors more passive aggression than an office kitchen. And no one person is more responsible for that passive aggression than the self-appointed Kitchen President. This sweater wearing, label making, sticky note posting, high strung, neat freak cannot focus unless they know the kitchen is in order.

What she's reading on the blog

6 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen for Success
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Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

"I absolutely love this mac and cheese. It’s delightfully simple to prepare and there are no dishes to clean!"

Cleanse Girl

Cleanse Girl is always chasing the latest trends in food. When she’s not applying the latest Snapchat filter to her midmorning snack selfie, she’s on Instagram stalking the latest celebrity health trend.

What she's reading on the blog

Celebrity “Diets” that Don’t Work
Instagram Cage Match: Latte Art vs. Bliss Bowls
Food photography 101
Orange Mango Chicken Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Orange Mango Chicken

"I always get hella likes when I post something orange, citrus and beautiful. #luvoluv #citrus #food"

Hipster Foodie

When passing by the Hipster Foodie’s desk, many often ask “Is that his desk or a kitchen supply store?” Armed daily with seven Tupperware dishes and three Mason jars with food he prepped at home, this is a guy who painstakingly takes an hour to make/assemble his lunch. He takes great pride in preparing meals that when finished look like they could be on the cover of Bon Appetit.

What he's reading on the blog

The Toxin-Flushing Power of Dandelion Coffee
Coffee Tonic
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Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta

"Like I’ve been saying for years Polenta is going to be the new mashed potatoes. Pair this with a nice Cabernet and you’ve got a romantic dinner for one in minutes."

Smoothie Operator

What happens when a recently divorced man has a midlife crisis and wants to get healthy? He starts drinking smoothies. Lots and lots of smoothies. In fact, that is the only thing he eats. After reading an article suggesting that fitness and smoothies can add 10 years to your life, the Smoothie Operator made the decision to blend everything, and exercise whenever possible.

What he's reading on the blog

A Smoothie that Feels Like a Meal
4 Tips for the Perfect Smoothie
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Chicken Chile Verde Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Chicken Chile Verde

"It fills me up for Tabata Tuesdays and Zumba Zaturday. Zing! I usually blend it with a couple of eggs."

Exotic Eater

Have you ever tried South African Sheep’s Head? How about Thai Bat Paste? You’ve never spread Casu Marzu on a cracker? Well don’t worry, The Exotic Eater in your office has and she proudly eats stuff like this for lunch. Married to a professor of anthropology, this world traveller will not eat anything that doesn’t come with a story.

What she's reading on the blog

Make Your Own Kimchi
Seriously. You Can Make Your Own Sriracha!
The Healing Power of Bone Broth
Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice Buy Now

Favorite Luvo meal

Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice

"This dish always reminds me of discovering remote black-sand beaches on Kauai. I love this bowl paired with Icelandic Hurtspringer."

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