VANCOUVER (December 3, 2019) – Luvo Inc., a forward-thinking frozen food company and makers of Performance Kitchen, a product line featuring Mediterranean diet-inspired, nutritionist-approved meals made from nourishing whole food ingredients, today announced two new brand ambassadors: Da Rulk, accomplished functional strength and conditioning specialist; and Ronnie Baker Jr., American professional track and field athlete, and 2020 Olympic hopeful.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome such admirable and passionate leaders like Da Rulk and Ronnie into our brand ambassador family,” said Luvo’s Chief Executive Officer, Christine Day. “We believe their dedication and passion for nutrition and wellness aligns seamlessly with our mission to offer everything one needs to be their best self via our frozen meals.”

Joseph Sakoda, otherwise known as Da Rulk, is an accomplished leader in the world of functional training and conditioning. He created Raw Functional Training, a body weight movement curriculum designed to improve mobility, increase functional strength, and a series of movement modalities that optimize the central nervous system to maximize overall body performance and conditioning. Da Rulk is most well known internationally for his work with First Responders throughout the world’s elite Military, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, and Ocean Safety agencies. He has also trained top Olympic and professional athletes, and notable celebrities, including Chris Hemsworth.

“I’m looking forward to integrating Performance Kitchen’s next level of great tasting nutritional fuel into my daily training schedule and am extremely thrilled to work closely with the team on additional ways to support all of the incredible first responders I’m honored to train,” Da Rulk said. “It’s important to keep your body healthy, while eating foods that will power you through your workout and beyond for life’s daily activities. Now with Performance Kitchen’s delicious meals it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever!”

26-year-old Ronnie Baker Jr. began his professional track and field career in 2016, after previously running for the Texas Christian University track team during college. Known for his specialty in sprinting, Baker holds the record for third-fastest man in the history of the 60 meter event and was ranked second in the world for the 100 meter in 2018. As a USA Indoor Champion, World Relays Champion, and a top prospect for the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Ronnie regards his health and wellness with high importance, being sure to mix his passion for running with his enthusiasm for nutrition.

“For me personally, the only way I can be successful on the track is if I’m being smart in the kitchen. Choosing foods that will energize me and contribute to my fitness, is just as important as my workouts and training sessions, and I couldn’t be happier to fuel my exercise with Performance Kitchen,” said Ronnie.

Da Rulk and Ronnie Baker Jr. will join a list of established Luvo brand ambassadors, including Russell Wilson, Derek Jeter, and Natalie Coughlin. Luvo, alongside its famed ambassadors, aim to help people all over the world change the way they eat, and improve lives through nutrition.

About Luvo Inc.

Luvo Inc. ( is creating the next generation of frozen food, with a focus on great taste, convenience and nutrition through its wide variety of Performance Kitchen meals. The company was founded with a mission to make it easy for people to eat nutritious meals that taste amazing every day. To help achieve this mission, Luvo develops and sells a variety of frozen ready-made entrees, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free bowls under the Performance Kitchen brand. They use real, wholesome ingredients like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and quality lean proteins and less of what we don’t need, like added sugar and sodium. Luvo works with its suppliers to ensure the quality of its ingredients, giving top consideration to sourcing responsibly. Luvo’s Performance Kitchen is available in grocers nationwide in the U.S. and Canada, and on select Delta Air Lines flights. Luvo has partnered with athletes such as Russell Wilson, Derek Jeter, and Natalie Coughlin who have personal connections to the brand mission of improving lives through better nutrition.