When it comes to finding better-for-you items in the frozen-food aisle, it can be tough to determine what’s what. Jackie London, registered dietitian, author of “Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked)” and Nutrition Director at Good Housekeeping joins TODAY to show us her favorite frozen-food picks as well as top tips to help you make the healthiest and most nutritious choices.

Many frozen items will seem like nutritious choices, but their ingredients tell a different story. The biggest problem I see when it comes to frozen meals is that everything looks just great from a nutrition standpoint, but the picture on the packaging is triple the size of what’s in the box (and therefore, too small or too low in calories to actually fill you up and keep you satisfied). So, here are our top supermarket shopping tips for the frozen aisle, plus some Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab Taste-Test Winners (and Runners-Up) we love.