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Jacqueline G.

Austin, TX

I recently purchased your product at Walmart. I\’m currently exploring my food options for a gluten free diet and I came across your product which I hadn\’t seen before. I was so surprised with the first bite of how delicious it taste. The corn tortilla was amazing. I even had a coworker complement on how good it smelled. I definitely will be purchasing more of these in the future. Kudos on creating a healthy product that taste great!!

Jen S.

Tarpon Springs

Absolutely love all of the bowls I’ve tried so far! I have been buying them all the time! Big 👍 up!!

Wes D.

Vancouver, BC

I love how convenient it is for a quick healthy lunch at the office, easy to prepare and tastes great. Luv you guys!

Rita E.

I wish my local store would carry more of these! The fact that you give us a low-sodium frozen meal option is very important to me. Also the two meals I have tried (roasted cauliflower with macaroni and cheese, curry chicken) did not disappoint!

Phyllis H.

Louisville, KY

OH MY GOODNESS! What flavor! My Great Karma Coconut Curry was excellent. I love the fresh ingredients and the fact that I am contributing to sustainable agriculture and human respectfulness/kindness all at the same time. It tastes like more…

Bobbie B.

Cleveland, OH

Just came from a nice evening run and remembered that I bought the Orange Mango Chicken the other day from the grocery store. Yay for your meals!! It truly hit the spot and was sooo delicious… can\’t wait to have the other choices!

Cindie B.

Chatsworth, CA

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this frozen entree was. Enough to want to reach out and tell you that I like this product. Would buy it again, and will try other products. I love chili verde which is why I chose the product. Very good. Thankyou for a good tasting, sustainable product I can feel good about eating. Cindie

Donna K.

Holiday, FL

happy with all so far. my daughter is on a low sodium diet, organic and non gmo, very hard to find products, so yours hit the spot. thanks again.

Shannon S.

New Lowell, ON

Thanks for creating probably the only frozen food available that has truly low sodium. I cannot intake more than 1400mg of sodium a day without major side effects. I make most of my food myself, from scratch, but it\’s so nice to be able to find something convenient that doesn\’t require a lot of work. Most frozen food has extremely high sodium content, so I rarely even look anymore, but when I saw your products I thought I\’d check and was pleasantly surprised. Better yet, your products are very tasty and are quite fresh. I only wish you had more products available! Thank you!

Janelle C.

Clinton, AK

I just tried my first Performance Kitchen frozen meal (Quinoa & Veggie Enchilada Verde). It was absolutely delicious… I\’m hooked. Will be stocking my freezer with these babies from now on. Well done… finally a convenient frozen meal that\’s healthy and delicious. Thank you!!!

Betty M.

Louisville, KY

I am not a person who likes to cook and have tried the many meals in a box, shipped to your home, that have become so popular – not my cup of tea. I don’t eat “fast” food or junk food what am I to do? I found a couple of your meals at my local Walmart grocery store and am in love. Easy-yep, quick-yep, healthy-yep, reasonably priced-yep, no clean up-yep what more can a person ask for? Of course having Chef Ramsay cook for me would be better, but I don’t think that will happen. Healthy Mac & Cheese, be still my racing heart now if you can make a pizza that won’t clog one’s arteries it would be perfect. Keep up the wonderful food, quick shipping and great customer service.

Deanne A.

Grand Junction

Amazing! Delicious! Perfect for my after-run dinner. How did I not know about your meals before this? I had the Orange Mango Chicken and it was tasty and nutritious and I think I may have inhaled it. I will definitely be buying more. Tomorrow. Thank you.

Garry E.

Ocean City, MD

Encountered your Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese for the first time today. I was delighted with the high veggie content and low sodium of the meal. The taste was wonderful. I look forward to finding more of your meals.

Jackie F.


We absolutely love love love all your products. We have a variety to keep in the freezer stocked for healthy meal options on the go.

Margo C.

Milwaukee, WI

I have celiac disease and these meals allow me to eat well without worry. I love how they remind me of home cooked meals instead of mass produced frozen foods.

Tea C.

Aurora, CO

Hi, I just found a few of your products in my grocery store. I\’m an athlete and require a lot of food 😄. I have tried preparing my own means. I have bought prepared meals (by a local company). I don\’t eat frozen meals because the quality of the food is so bad and the nutritional content is even worse. Today, as normal, I finished my first workout and was starving. I thought it would be a good idea to try one of the meals I just bought. I had the chicken Verde. I almost fell out of my chair because it was so good. I am going back to the store RIGHT NOW to see if I can get other flavors. Thank you for filling a need. Your can bet that if I can\’t get more flavors locally that I will be purchasing online. I\’m also going to be telling my teammates and other athletes about your products. Well done! And thank you.

Susanne P

Redondo Beach, CA

Thank you for such wonderfully tasty, healthy, and filling meals. I’m so impressed! I’ve tried a few of them, and one of my favorites is Hawaiian Un-fried Rice. I’ve been eating another brand for lunch for quite some time, but, hands down, Luvo is better. Thanks for also not being frugal. I’m left feeling comfortable and not hungry soon after I eat. Well done!

Kevin B

Mickleton, NJ

The Orange Mango chicken I just had was really good. Often the chicken is too dry in frozen meals, but it was perfect. Definitely buying that again!

Preya B

Toronto, ON

Hello Luvo, I just tried your Great Karma Coconut Curry and I had to write and tell you how impressed I was with it. I don’t usually buy pre-prepared foods, but I found myself tight for time and bought the curry for lunch, thinking that it would be adequate. It turned out to be absolutely delicious! There was as much stuff in it as was pictured on the box (which never happens!), it had the right amount of spiciness, and you guys were really smart about what you choose to put in it. The beans, carrots, and squash kept their texture after being frozen and reheated. The other ingredients such as the kale and cauliflower are still ok if they get soft after reheating. Such a great dish! Thank you. Now I have a pre-prepared meal option that’s good for me and tastes like I made it myself. I wish Luvo all the success in the world. It’s clear that there’s a lot of thought and love in your product and I hope lots of people try it because I’m sure they’ll love it.

Jen G

Rochester NY

Just had your Great Karma Coconut Curry and LOVED it! Not too spicy, just the right amount. I don’t eat meat often, and I am always looking for a healthier option for lunch, since my break is only 20 minutes… so this was great. Thanks and keep it up!

Pamela T

Monterey, CA

Your Luvo bowls are amazing! I do not usually buy frozen food because I work in Nutrition, but this product is so good. So far, I have tried the Quinoa and Veggie Enchilada Verde and Cauliflower Mac and Cheese and  absolutely love them. I have told my friends about these nutritious bowls and can’t wait to try some of the other ones. Congrats to this company for putting out something I would definitely buy!

Lori W

Fairport, NY

Just tried the Great Karma Coconut Curry. WOW!! LUV, LUV, LUV! First time buyer of your product and I can’t WAIT to try more. SO HAPPY! As a new vegan, I need some quick go-to meals for myself and my husband. Delish. Filling. Priced right. Oh, what a happy day!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND… THANK YOU!

Cicero, NY

To have a vegan friendly option that is so well prepared and delicious is very helpful for me on the days I need a quick tasty meal. I’m very thankful and would recommend these products to my fellow vegan folks looking for a good bite.

Chris W


After having a heart attack last summer I had to re-evaluate my eating habits and adjust to a “new” normal way of eating. Luckily, I found Luvo. After comparing nutrition facts between many products at my local supermarket, I tried the Luvo brand. It is AMAZING!!!!! Much better than any other brand on the market. Even my kids enjoy it. 😁 Now I don’t have to feel guilty when I yearn for an afternoon snack. Thank you!

Fred W

Chardon, OH

Your bowls are excellent. They have the taste of freshly prepared food. When I first tried one of the Luvo bowls, I thought this is what I would have if I were invited to have dinner in the home of someone who loved cooking and was especially good at it. Please continue making these really tasty bowls! 

Diane D

Rosalindale, MA

My husband and I eat a plant-based diet and I cook nearly every day. I discovered Luvo’s Planted Power Bowls at Wegman’s and decided to give them a try for those times I am too tired to cook. They are delicious and they contain all the things I strive to get in my diet each day: legumes, whole grains, greens, and other vegetables. It’s the first prepared plant-based food that I feel good about eating. Thank you so much for making them!

Ann B

Benton, KS

I ate the Chicken Chile Verde for lunch today and WOW it is delicious! One of the best, restaurant-quality-in-a-frozen-meal, lunches I have had. Really wonderful! Thank you so much! 

Lori T

Seattle, WA

I recently flew to NYC from SEA with Delta and I was delighted to receive one of your meals on the plane. I have been traveling between the coasts for a decade and this was the *first* time that I was given a full meal. I have been impressed with Delta’s recent changes and Luvo is a big part of that. We were very impressed with the quality of the meal. I stay away from packaged meals as much as I can, but the quality and freshness of the meals we had was superb. I felt like I was putting something nutritional and wholesome into my body instead of a bunch of sugar and preservatives. But what I’m really writing you about is that Oatmeal Crunch Cookie. Oh my god… one bite of that cookie changed my life. Angels sang – that’s how good it was. It restored hope in me… a reason to live… to have another cookie! Thank you so, so much! I’m looking forward to exploring your other products. 

Christie M.

Woodstown, NJ

My daughter and husband both need extra protein in their diets (Bariatric surgery and Dialysis). They get so tired of eating the same old thing. I found the Luvo line of bowls and they absolutely love them!!! Such a great variety and all of them taste so delicious. Keep up the good work!

Candice Y

Vancouver, BC

Luvo’s Planted Power bowls are packed with protein, fibre, and colour. I’ve tried them as a post-workout meal and they are filling and so easy to prepare. After working out, I am too tired to put effort into making a fully balanced dish. One of my favourites, the Hawaiian Un-fried Rice, is made with organic black rice and an array of veggies and fruits. It’s simple: I know exactly what I’m eating, and how to ‘prepare’ it. 😉

Craig G

Virginia Beach, VA

Your bowls are amazing. Super healthy ingredients, minimal sodium, great flavor and lots of variety… also gluten free! You guys have nailed it. I eat about 5 of them a week. Thank you!

Mary C

Westland, MI

I’ve been eating frozen meals for over 20 years. I’ve recently tried several of your products and the Chicken Chile Verde and Orange Mango Chicken are fantastic! I can say that these two products are the BEST frozen meals I have ever had! I will certainly buy them again. I would also like to say that for the Orange Mango Chicken the sugar content is not too high which I am very happy about since I need to watch sugar. Thanks for such wonderful food!

Patrisia T

Pasadena, CA

I just purchased your Chicken Chile Verde meal and I just wanted to send you a note to say how delicious it was! I am a 38-year-old Mexican woman who grew up with a mother who is very critical of Mexican foods in general because she and my dad  pride themselves on the authenticity of their food. It was so good that I gave my 79-year-old mother a taste and she gave you 5 stars! So thank you so much for making affordable high-quality food that my mother and I can have together with no grips from her! 

Amy R

Glendale, AZ

I absolutely love Luvo’s meals! My favorite so far is the Chicken Chile Verde and I have to say it’s probably the best microwavable meal I’ve ever had. The polenta is sooo good. Luvo makes me happy to eat my daily vegetables. Thank you!

Jo B

Bloomington, IN

My grocery store has recently started carrying more vegan options, for which I’m very grateful! Today I was exploring their frozen entree choices and found your Luvo planted bowls. I selected the Great Karma Coconut Curry power bowl and ate it for lunch. Yum! The taste was great, it was satisfying and filling, and I loved the fact that the veggies were not cooked until mushy. Even the kale tasted as fresh as if I’d just picked and sauteed it! I’ll definitely be purchasing more of your entrees in future. Thanks so much!

Mariline B

Quebec, QC

Had your Hawaiian Un-fried Rice and your Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese and I totally loved them. It’s nice to have fast and delicious meals with ingredients I know. It’s also so rare to find frozen meals that are healthy for *real*. Thank you so much!

Terri MC

Parkton, MD

I recently discovered your Power Bowls and have been bringing them to work several days a week. Each day when I make my lunch, the girls in the office go crazy over how good it smells. Of course, it is the best frozen meal I’ve ever had. I especially love the So Cal Kale & Beans… yummy, satisfying and filling!

Annette D

Toronto, ON

Can’t believe I’ve never tried these before! I’ve been trying to eat right and look for something quick that tastes good and is filling and well… I found it last week! My co-worker came in with Luvo’s Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese and said to try it. These are so good that I’ve been having it for a couple of lunches now! Thanks so much for making such a great product.

Kelsey L

Edmonton, Alberta

I purchased the Cauliflower Mac and Cheese and it is SOOO GOOD! Thank you! This is wonderful, I would eat this at least once a week if I could. So, thank you very much. I will be purchasing more!

Marcy S

Watkinsville, GA

Just tried SoCal kale and bean power bowl (purchased at Publix) and loved it! Fantastic frozen vegan option! I’ve never purchased any of your products before but certainly will be now!! Thank you for your environmental commitment as well!

Marcy S

Elk Grove, CA

I had the Roasted Cauliflower Mac & cheese last night and it was THE yummiest stuff I’ve ever tasted! I can’t wait to try the other bowls. Keep making yummy meals! 

Christa R

Vernon, Ontario

I saw a co-worker had these meals in the freezer at work… I thought why not give this a shot and WOW! They are honestly the most delicious meals I’ve ever had! I don’t feel boggled down with carbs or fats after eating. WOW, really great job!!! Looking forward to trying all the varieties! Keep up the good work! 

Monique A

Ottawa, Ontario

Wow! Thank you SO, SO much for providing such an amazing product! It is so difficult to find convenient and healthy vegan pre-made meals at the grocery store. You guys have filled this void perfectly! Please keep making delicious vegan products, we love them! Especially the coconut curry!! ????

Kandace S


Good grief this has got to be the BEST FROZEN MEAL I’ve ever had. I’m the world’s worst critic of frozen meals, but this was better than something I could’ve cooked. I had the Chicken Chili Verde and I will definitely be buying it again!

Samantha S.

Ottawa, ON

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is. My daughter (20 months) has a severe cows milk protein allergy and feeding her anything other than what I make myself has been a challenge. I stumbled upon your vegan bowls the other day, and they are an absolute success! They are similar to something I would typically make myself, but save me so much time on days when I just need a bit of a break from cooking. Thank you for helping to make vegan/ allergy friendly food so accessible.

jen H.

Ottawa, Ontario

My name is Jen and I absolutely love your vegan products that you carry! It’s really great to find frozen vegan meals that are healthy and easy on nights that I don’t feel like cooking! I really enjoy all of them and I hope that you make even more! If you made your cauliflower mac and cheese vegan I would probably buy it everyday! Please keep up the great work 🙂

Jane H.

Hamilton, ON

I literally just finished your coconut curry. This is by far the best frozen meal I’ve ever had. Thank for producing vegetarian meals, there is a huge gap on the shelves for products like this. I’m going to the store to stock up and will post a recommendation on my facebook page. I hope you do well and are here for a long time.

Kathy M


Oh my goodness! Luvo’s goodness! I can’t believe the bursts of flavor in each bite of your vegan meals! I am so happy I found your product, but mad I didn’t find it sooner! Telling all my friends and family.

Rachel F.

Welland, ON

Just wanted to give a little praise to your company! As a mom of 3, I often don’t have time to cook a meal for myself so I find the frozen meals very convenient. Its so refreshing to find frozen meals that are actually tasty and not full of junk!

Rebecca A.

Virginia Beach, VA

Wow! You have successfully created super healthy quick night meals that even my young picky eaters LUV to eat! Thank you so much for providing a way to feed my family top quality food during the busy week nights.

Nathalie Houle

Gloucester, ON

Just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I love your food. Thank you SO much for having vegan options! I’ve just discovered your frozen meals and have had the coconut curry and kale and bean bowls so far – awesome:-) I’m excited to try your other vegan options, it’s nice to have some prepared meals on hand for times when making something from scratch isn’t feasible (or I’m just being lazy!). Keep up the great work!!!


Conover, NC

I was expecting mediocre but ended up with the best tasting frozen entrees yet! Have tried several of your products, all with quite nice taste and texture medleys! What a nice departure from typical frozen meals. Hope you can maintain the quality and expand the offerings.

Dianne B.

New to Luvo, thanks to the Consumer Reports Super Bowl issue. You have a new fan! I love Luvo,  I’m trying to eat healthier and make better choices, I’ve found your products not only satisfying but also delicious. 

Holley M.

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I love Luvo; especially the turkey meatloaf! Oh my goodness! It’s amazing! Thank you for giving us products with clean, whole ingredients! We appreciate Luvo.

Ella D.

Ann Arbor, MI

I love, LOVE your Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice meal. The ingredients make this meal a superb and special meal during my busy day. I am a high school counsellor who is always working away at my desk and often not taking lunch breaks, when I do this healthy meal makes me happy!!! Great product, keep up your great work. As a vegetarian I am so please you created this for me!

Martin H.

Toronto, ON

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your products are. Trying to stay healthy is not cheap, I appreciate that you sell these healthy meals at a good price that actually fill you up. My wife is now hooked! Her favourite is your Roasted Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Our Doctor told her she needs to eat better and gave her one of your meals to try and now thats all she takes to work. She has told all her co-workers to try them so hopefully you will have some new customers. Keep up the great work! 

Christy S.


I just wanted to let you know how much I’m loving your products! I have been gluten free for years, but recently became a vegetarian for ethical reasons. It is so hard to find microwavable meals that are both GF and vegetarian, but you’ve done it! I love your Cauliflower Mac and Cheese and I actually have the Quinoa Enchilada in the microwave right now. As a college student, I really appreciate that you keep your prices reasonable. Way to go on being responsible in so many areas! Thank you so much for your great products. I just discovered you all and can’t wait to try more! 

Olga S

Highland Pk, IL

Just want to THANK YOU for making delicious, GMO- free food. We haven’t’t buy boxed food for many, many years, always cooking from scratch. My husband went out of state for a few days and I didn’t feel like cooking for myself. I discovered Luvo in frozen food section, I’m glad I did! Thanks again! We’ll buy it again for lazy days for sure!

Cheri A

Listowel, ON

Had my first taste of Luvo today after coming across them in my local Zehrs. I tried the Quinoa & Veggie Enchilada Bowl and really enjoyed it! So fresh-tasting, and loaded with protein & fibre. I’ll definitely be picking up a few to take to work and have on hand at home. Easy, meatless meals are sometimes hard to come by, this one definitely fit the bill!

Dennis M

Dayton, OH

Trying to lose weight and at the same time keep my protein levels high. Been sampling the Luvo Planted Power Bowls, and recently came across the So Cal Kale & Bean. It is delicious. Not bland, not to spicy, great texture, excellent blend of various flavors, all with 10 grams of protein. So far, this is my favorite Luvo Bowl, but I’m planning on trying them all.

Gregory R

Laughlin, NV

I’ve never heard of your company or product line …until today. I bought the Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta.  I was absolutely astonished with the quality and taste of the meal! In the world of frozen foods, Luvo  is a giant amongst pygmies. Keep up the good work!

Janis G.

Chelmsford, MA

Just found this product in the grocery store last week and I think the Chana Masala is out of this world. The Thai Green Curry (chicken) contained some unattractive chicken chunks but tasted very good. I can’t wait to try more!

Kat S.

Saint Augustine, FL

Frozen entrees were missing something so I would stay away. I was going up and down the aisles looking for something and I saw Luvo. I assumed it would be the same, man was I wrong! The taste is something I would get from a restaurant. I’m officially hooked on these. Thanks for the updated flavors and simple ingredients. Yes, I will be back frozen aisle.

Lauren E.

Marietta, GA

I love the new turkey meatloaf version with butternut squash! I did not like the other version with the brussels sprouts. This NEW butternut squash version has made me obsessed with Luvo! Thank you for switching it up and making it wonderful! The greens are absolutely delicious and it’s more flavorful. Perfection! Thank you so much!

Jennifer L.

Toronto, ON

My daughter got me to try your product and I love it, you’ve got a new fan. The choices are great, love the Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken. It’s hard to believe a frozen entree can be low fat, high fiber, low sugar, and high protein. Looks like I will be filling my freezer up. Keep up the great work.

Donna M.

Squamish , BC

I like the delicious ways I can skip the meat but not the protein, with the great taste of your So Cal Kale and Bean Planted Power Bowl and your Chana Masala Bowl.

Juli M.

Toledo, OH

I love Luvo because they taste good AND they’re healthy, two things that aren’t easy to find in one frozen meal. They have a good balance of calories, carbs, fat, protein, and fiber, and veggies like kale, brussels sprouts, and collard greens that you don’t find in other brands. I can’t wait to try all of the new Planted Power Bowls!

Carol T.

Hartland, WI

Just tried this delicious dinner! I’m in LOVE! As a single empty nester with a career I don’t always have time or want to use what time I have to cook BUT eating HEALTHY is VERY IMPORTANT to me! ❤️❤️❤️

Michael W.

Victoria, BC

I bought the Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken at Costco in Langford, BC. I am pleasantly surprised as I tend to not buy pre-made meals. The food was clean, flavorful and not processed-tasting at all. The veggies were al dente! It was really quite good! I hope they will stock more items. Thanks!

Mike C.

Cambridge, ON

I have now tried 4 of your bowls and one of your steam in pouch meals and I am very impressed! I tend to look for a few things when buying frozen entrees: low fat, low sodium, gluten free, a reasonable amount of fibre and great taste! Generally speaking, it seems to be difficult to obtain all 5 in a single product but you guys seem to be nailing it. Keep up the good work!

Alexandra P.

Baltimore, MD

I am a resident at the University of Maryland. Often all I can eat is either hospital food or leftovers from home. Hospital food isn’t the best and can add up quickly. I have tried other freezer meals but they always had so much sodium or just no taste at all. Luvo meals are amazing! They are like having a homemade dinner while I am away from home. They fill me up, taste great, and are the envy of all my co-residents. Thank you for making such a wonderful meal option!

Mei Ling L.

Coquitlam, BC

I bought several Luvo products, Orange Mango Chicken is my favourite. They are delicious, not like other frozen products on the market, really yummy. They taste like homemade meals. The prices are affordable and they are very easy to prepare, whether you are in your office or at home. I definitely will buy more for my family and recommend to my friends.

Alison T.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stumbled on your product just walking down the frozen food aisle. Sometimes I like to grab something that is quick for lunch but I’ve become very conscious of making sure that they are lower in sodium, sugar, and fat. These were absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try more. I just hope our grocery store continues to carry it and brings in more of your product.

Jasmine L.

Ottawa, ON

Luvo, where have you been all my life?! I’m a busy law student who’s about to start articling at a firm, and I’m overjoyed to have healthy, filling, VEGAN frozen meal options to store at work for the long days and overnights ahead! Your bowls are flavourful and affordable, meaning I won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on takeout when I have deadlines to meet. I had to come on here and thank you. Healthy, delicious frozen meals are totally possible!

Jody W.

Yucca Valley, CA

I just poured a gourmet, restaurant quality meal out of a paper bag! I am so glad I tried your meals. Awesome flavor and good for you too. I will be going back to Walmart to try all of your products!

Emily P.

Columbus, OH

On this journey of trying to be healthier over the last few months, frozen meals have been banned. The sodium and just lack of health benefits deemed them unfit. Until I found you guys! Low calorie, significantly lower sodium than most meals you can find, and a good assortment of meals make you guys my new favorite! The Orange Mango Chicken is my absolute favorite! And only 280 calories. I can eat way healthier and cheaper compared to fast food. Thanks for making awesome meals.

Leslie T.

Freedom, NH

Having just had my first Luvo experience (Chana Masala), I gotta say I am but one word: FLOORED. Prior to this I resorted to Kashi, Sweet Earth burritos, or Amy’s frozen meals. They never tasted quite like…homemade. Desperate for a change, I tried yours and was taken aback! The quality alone clearly trumps that of the others, and the taste adequately reflects everything I seek in a product: mission-driven, eco-friendly, GMO-free, whole ingredients. As an educator, athlete, and caretaker for an aging parent, I truly do not have time to adequately prepare meals as I would hope for. I therefore rely on products like yours to sustain me in mind, soul, and body. I’m SOLD. I’m eager to try your other meals and I’ll be certain to spread the good word to all my friends. Keep rockin’ it!

Regina C.

Springfield, MO

The tandoori-inspired chicken is by far the best frozen meal I have ever had. I truly enjoyed it. It’s real food and you can taste it.

Manon F.

Hawkesbury, ON

Best frozen food alternative ever. A really healthy lunch, not a supplement, but real tasty food and a delightful introduction to kale which I had always found grassy. Not in these recipes, they’re actually yummy. I’m sold on Luvo and have recommended it to friends. 100% great .

Nicole H.

Akron, OH

I keep my freezer stocked with these always! Amazing ingredients. Brand integrity that you don’t see in frozen foods these days. Eco-friendly packaging that makes me happy. Perfect portions and low sodium. Love ❤️

Lauren R.

Salt Lake City, UT

The ingredients lists are packed with foods I can recognize and pronounce. It’s all natural, nutritious food that I can really feel good about serving to my family.

Sarah M.

Encino, CA

I don’t know what kind of magic you put in your Orange Mango Chicken, but it is consistently perfect: tender chicken, perfectly-cooked broccoli, and juicy slices of mangoes. I just bought four more. ???? Thanks for making such a quality product!

Suzanne B.

Gainesville, VA

Thank you for this wonderful product. I’m trying to wean myself off of 3+ years of Nutrisystem and needed to find meals that are around 250-270 calories, low in sodium, sugar, fat and not full of chemicals. Love your food and healthy concept. Keep up the good work.

Joanne J.

Halifax, NS

Real food. Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and it tastes amazing. I am so happy to have an “I’m too busy to get it together to make my lunch” option that checks all the right boxes. I’m in love!

Kelley H.

Chittenango, NY

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I just discovered your Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese! YUM! Finally a guilt-free way to enjoy one of my favorites. You all rock !

Eve G.

Saint-Lazare, QC

I randomly picked up this frozen meal for lunch today while at my local health food store, and I was so impressed. Absolutely delicious (and healthy)! Glad to have discovered your products, and looking forward to trying many more!

Teisha M.

Fort Washington, MD

I LOVE Luvo products! As a teacher, my lunch time is limited, but because of Luvo my lunch is quality! Fresh ingredients and flavor is rare for frozen food! Keep up the great work!

Leslie O.

Bethlehem, PA

I tried this for the first time and I cannot get enough of the cauliflower mac & cheese. It’s amazing! And the chicken chili verde is my husband’s favourite. Thanks for the good food. You have a customer for life!

Chris M.

St. Catharines, ON

I purchased a few of your steam in pouch meals tonight and had the Chicken Enchiladas. What a surprise! The tastes and textures were delicious, and the high fibre, low sodium a bonus, as this supports my dietary needs. I can’t wait to try the others and I’m so glad I have healthy, affordable and EASY meals for lunch at work, and dinner after a long day. Thank you! P.S. I had the Roasted Vegetable Lasagna for lunch today – another big hit!

Bianca M.

Hollis, ME

I cannot thank you enough for creating a healthy, quick meal option. It seems in todays fast paced world you have to choose between healthy, tasty or time friendly, and with your pouch meals, power bowls and more I can have healthy food and not compromise my time or any flavor.

Jason C.

L'Orignal, ON

By far the healthiest and best tasting frozen meals I’ve come across. So happy our local Independent Grocers keeps a good selection in stock.

Mia M.

Atlanta, GA

Disclaimer: I NEVER give product feedback. I was on my way to work and mentally said I guess I’ll stop at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. I knew that probably wasn’t the best choice being that I am trying to lose weight. So I opted to stop at Kroger instead. I went in with intentions of grabbing a yogurt, however, I knew that would not be satisfying. I walked down the frozen aisle of the “health food” section and noticed the Farmers Frittiata. I cooked it in the microwave when I got to work and the aroma was almost unlawful for this to be a healthy frozen meal. This meal was 5 star restaurant quality! THANK YOU

Cheryl C.

Rochester, NY

Sooooo good! You are NOT exaggerating when you say it is as good as a restaurant meal – it is BETTER than 90 percent of my restaurant meals. I am going to Wegmans this week to fill my shopping cart. In addition to being delicious, I was thrilled to see I could have the Chicken Chile Verde and stay within the carb count for a Type 2 Diabetic Diet. Flavor is so important to making a lower carb entree satisfying. Your meal made my lunch, and my lunch made my day! Thank you!

Jameelah J.

Woodbridge, VA

I just tried your braised beef and polenta. It was excellent and the process was right. My children are in college and I don’t have to cook everyday. I looked at the nutritional value compared to Lean Cusinie, Healthy Choices, and Stouffers. It was so much more healthy and appealing to me. Thanks I will continue to buy your food.

Teresa G.

Bakersfield, CA

I wanted to write and say I tried your Chicken Chile Verde and it’s amazing! When I was in the grocery store looking for a meal I figured I would try your product because 1) it was well priced 2) it was low on sodium and 3) high in protein. I will be 35 in a few months and realized my body needs some positive energy and fuel and Luvo hit the spot. I will be buying more!

Fred H.

Edmonton, AB

Wow. Finally Luvo is at Costco in Edmonton. Just bought my first CASE of Orange Mango Chicken. Great price. Awesome taste. Now waiting for Costco to bring in the breakfast meals of Luvo. Tick tock.

Brenda W.

Glen Burnie, MD

I use to cook all the time but due to an accident I’m not able to stand long so I buy a lot of frozen meals. When I go to the store I never see anything that is really different until I came across Luvo. The selection looked so delicious I couldn’t decide which to try first so I picked your Orange Mango Chicken. Besides how unbelievably delicious it was, what surprised me the most was how it came out of the steam pouch just as it looks on the box! There wasn’t a quinoa out of place, everything was perfect. I even went all through my house with my plate showing my family how beautiful it looked, then I told them how delicious it was. You have one very satisfied customer who will definitely be telling her family and friends about you. Thank you for dinner!

Diane A.

Fairhaven, MA

I found out I have high blood pressure and was looking online for healthy frozen meals as I eat one 5 days a week at work. Your name came up so I looked for them and bought a few. Soooo good, I have been hooked ever since. Just the best ingredients and taste I have ever enjoyed, cannot believe they are frozen. Yours is the model that others will need to follow in the future!

Jessica S.

Daleville, IN

Luvo frozen meals taste like real food. Like if I had actually had time to pack my lunch! Low calorie and lower sodium = a great choice!

Yahniie B.

Los Angeles, CA

These meals are delicious and good for you. I’m very serious about how my food is seasoned and clearly they are too. Revolutionary steamed meals ideal for busy students and working mothers. I work sometimes anywhere from six to thirteen hours a day. On those long days, I still have to prepare dinner, clean and get my daughter ready for school on time. So, these meals are quick-prep and easy clean. They also seem to pour out onto the plate in perfect formation. Really cool!


Jake K.

Morgantown, WV

I was recently put on a gluten-free diet. There isn’t a ton of frozen foods that are actually GF, so I was excited when I found your meals at my local Walmart. Oh my goodness, I haven’t been this pleasantly surprised by food in a long time! It’s so delicious, I can’t wrap my head around how companies like Lean Cuisine didn’t go completely in the red when you guys hit the market. I wanted to thank you for the work that you’re doing, because it’s an incredible thing for people like me with dietary restrictions and busy lives.

Nicole T.

Ocoee, FL

I love Luvo for all of my healthy food ideas and recipes. I’m so happy that I discovered this wonderful company to help me with all of my nutritional needs.

Ron N.

West Bend, WI

Just bought 3 of your dinners and they are fantastic. Great lunch without all the fat, preservatives and calories. What I thought was really funny were the directions. “Shimmy on to a plate”. Can’t remember the last time I saw that used to describe getting your food from the microwave to the plate. Love it!! Keep up the great taste.


Miani G.

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much Luvo for filling up my freezer with nutritious meals. Volunteers from A Sense of Home came to my new apartment last Sunday and transformed it into a home for me on top of filling up my freezer with your frozen meals! As a full-time medical student I hardly have to time to eat healthy due to lack of time and funds, I am so thankful for your partnership with ASOH because now I know there are quick healthy options within reach. Thank you so much!

Charles D.

New York, NY

Wonderful choices, delicious meals, flavourful, colourful and filling. When you want a home cooked meal you don’t have to look, it’s Luvo.

Linton Cowan

North Vancouver, BC

Great to see the selection of products at Super Store here in North Vancouver. Luv Luvo. Keep ’em coming and thanks for what you are doing.

Randi J.

Toronto, ON

I just had the Tandoori Mango chicken and WOW! I am so used to being disappointed by frozen entrees. This one blew my socks off. Flavour! Texture! Waaaaaht????? This is where my need for healthy carbs, veggies and proteins and my love of great food and big flavours come to be happy. I still can’t believe this is healthy! Keep them coming.

Sonja P.

Charlotte, NC

Unbelievable! Finally, someone has gotten frozen, healthy food right! I was very sceptical when I saw the package at my local Publix store (I haven’t seen it at my favorite Harris Teeter) but after heating it up and sliding it out onto my plate – I loved the presentation – it looked delish! And then the first bite – wow! Fresh flavors and the chicken didn’t taste weird and microwaved. Well, I’m a fan! Thanks for making something I can feel good about eating. I’m buying more this weekend for work and the price is right too! Another new fan.

Doris H.

Brampton, ON

I love how Luvo is helping me maintain a healthy weight while enjoying their delicious meals. The variety is amazing. Luvo is a regular part of our day.

Carol E.

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Thank you for your dinners! I heard about them from a friend and love them. Perfect for these hot, humid days when you don’t feel like cooking but want a healthy meal. They are delicious!

Alanna M.

Brunswick, OH

Definitely one of the best frozen meals out there! I’m on a weight loss journey and counting calories so frozen meals are really helping me with portion control. I love the quinoa enchiladas, BBQ chicken, mango chicken and chicken enchiladas!

Kymberly D.

Fort Stewart, GA

I love how healthy these meals are. They’re so good and a great way to put good things into my body. Taste is important.

Jaimee B.

Nederland, TX

Just had my first Luvo meal today. The ingredients list was all real food and it tasted amazing. I am hooked!

Sara M.

Raritan, NJ

I love your products! I’m a work-from-home mom of 5 on a tight budget. I started a fitness journey on April 1st of this year. It is my goal to lose 100 pounds. As of today, I’m happy to say I’ve lost precisely 30. I eat Luvo meals for lunch during the week so I can eat well even when I’m busy with work or the kids. Luvo is the best!

Maureen N.

Somerset, NJ

I never thought I would eat Brussels sprouts until I saw them in one of your delicious meals. Somehow, you’ve made them so appetizing and delicious that I now crave them! Seriously, I love how you mix sweet, tart and savory in such a healthful and tasty way.

Hallie A.

Streetsboro, OH

Thank you so much for creating this amazing product! As a cook I am always on the run and strapped for time! While trying to eat healthy and cut out fast food, your meals have saved me. To be able to pop it in the microwave and actually pull out something delicious is amazing. I am always pleased and filled by the food that comes out, unlike other brands that are high in calories and not enough food! So thank you so much!

Susan L.

Tampa, FL

It makes my day when I know I’m getting a Luvo snack box on the LAX-SFO Delta shuttle! I’d love to see them on all Delta flights as a yummy, and healthy, treat.

Arlene B.

East Meadow, NY

I’m happy I’ve found something for lunch at work that is delicious and avoids the ingredients I try not to eat. Tastes good and good for you!

Melissa L.

New York, NY

I love that Luvo food is quick, delicious, and healthy! It’s perfect to microwave at lunch, especially when I’m busy.

Mary K.

Cincinnati, OH

My husband is in the habit of looking in the freezer when he’s hungry. He’ll gladly pop something into the microwave for lunch if it looks appealing to him, and Luvo has won him over. I feel good about the nutritional quality of Luvo products, and my role as grocery shopper is made easier. The vegetarian selections are my favorite and I am hoping to see more of these from Luvo in the near future.

Mary M.

Allentown, PA

I’ve only recently discovered your range of products, and I wanted to write to tell you that they have proven to be a fantastic find. My life has been tumultuous of late, an unexpected move and a change in my job requirements and working hours. Coming home to cook a meal, even a simple one, often seems like an exhausting undertaking, especially in my newly reduced kitchen. The desire to eat nutritious and balanced meals remains, however, and your products fit that bill wonderfully. I can feel good about what I’m eating without worrying about preparing a time-consuming or expensive meal. Thank you for being you!

Megan R.

Madison, AL

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products, specifically your scrumptious burrito! Finding affordable natural grocery options means a lot to our family. It can sometimes be difficult maintaining our budget while still feeding our family quality foods. Thanks again for your commitment to providing healthy foods!

Sarah R.

West Alexander, PA

I love that Luvo meals have all the convenience of a frozen meal without sacrificing good quality ingredients and well prepared meals. The freshness and quality are easy to see and taste. No bland over processed foods here, just good, wholesome meals as they should be.

Arlene B.

East Meadow, NY

I just recently found Luvo while looking for something healthier to eat for lunch at work. I started with the Orange Mango Chicken. Wow, I couldn’t believe how good it was. Luvo is so much better than “regular” frozen dinners. Delicious and much better for you. I luv Luvo!

Elaine P.

Groveland, MA

I just tried one of your products for the first time (saw it at Stop and Shop and thought it looked interesting). By far the best frozen entree I have ever eaten, if I had not purchased it myself I would have believed that it was either homemade or take out from a good restaurant.

Lynn V.

Amityville, NY

Loving the tandoori chicken. Real food! Tasty! Happy to not be nuking plastic too. Way to go!


Greensboro, NC

This is the first time I've tried Luvo and I was really impressed. I tried the Red Wine Braised Beef and loved it. The flavors were great and it didn't look like something I nuked in the microwave. I will definitely be buying again.

David C.

Philadelphia, PA

The meals are awesome, taste great and are healthy. Also, Luvo is the only frozen meal I have bought over the years that looks exactly like the picture on the box when you “shimmy” it on to your plate.

Gaeli G.

Jamestown, RI

I love that the meal poured out of the bag and looked exactly like the photo on the box! Then it tasted great!

Barbara S.

Glen Burnie, MD

I saw Luvo at the grocery store and tried the Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. It was incredibly delicious. Tonight I had the Tandoori Chicken. My taste buds exploded! Hard to believe something so good is low in calories, sodium, and so easy to prepare. There is no comparison to anything else on the market.

Anne K.

Ypsilanti, MI

I love your products! Real food, real healthy, and no horrible feelings about putting a plastic container in the recycling bin and hoping it doesn't end up in a landfill. I luv Luvo!

Kellie K.

Charlotte, NC

Finally a quick meal that's healthy, delicious, AND filling! I didn't know you could actually have all three until I tried Luvo.

Carol C.

Charlotte, NC

I work all day with three year olds. Some days I am so tired. It is really wonderful to know that Luvo's Chicken Chile Verde is waiting at home. Good food, life is great! Thank you Luvo!

Jennifer B.

Lithia, FL

First timer here! Just tried the Red Wine Braised Beef and Polenta. Really good. I especially loved the cranberries! Thank you for making such an innovative product for health conscious folks on the go. I look forward to trying more of your products very soon!

Pat H.

California, MD

This a wonderful brand. The picture matches what's inside the box. I have had the Orange Mango Chicken and a few of the other chicken dishes. Divine. Thanks for reviving the frozen food section. I usually get them at Wal Mart.

Jen D.

Atwater, CA

I'm extremely sensitive to MSG, salt & artificial sweeteners. I feel GREAT after eating Luvo entrees. Thanks for making a delicious nutritionally balanced product!!!

Nicole P.

Vancouver, BC

Luvo makes it so easy to eat a healthy, satisfying meal when there is simply less and less time in the day. Bravo for keeping up with what the consumer needs.

Kimberly Q.

Gloucester City, NJ

My Shoprite had Luvo on sale. I tried your braised beef entrée. Very tasty. Fork tender. The sides were tasty too, not loaded with salt either. The ingredients caught my eye: healthy, no artificial flavors. Thanks Luvo for frozen products that I won't feel guilty about eating or serving. Way to go!

Sandy S.

New Freedom, PA

I love Luvo because the food is quick, easy, and delicious! And it doesn't taste like a frozen meal at all!

Linda C.

Chicago, IL

I rely on Luvo to fill in for me when I don't have the time or desire to cook. Having a delicious, satisfying and healthy alternative on the ready, helps keep my eating on track. The new turkey and kale lasagna is my favorite!

Deborah F.

Carrollton, TX

Fresh, delicious ingredients I can pronounce! Quick, tasty and healthy lunches! Meals I would (try to) create for myself if I had the time! I could go on and on...


Minneapolis, MN

On days when I feel sick and really fatigued, I know I can still make a nice meal that tastes good and is more healthy than most frozen meals. Also, there's just something really fun about having the food slide out of the bag looking pretty.

Whitney J.

Nashville, TN

I just wanted to say how much I love you, Luvo. I can't say how impressed I am with the quality, appearance, and taste of these frozen meals! I don't feel guilty for choosing not to cook when I have one of your meals – they are healthier and more portion-controlled than what I would cook anyway!

Malinda U.

Ashley, OH

I am so new to Luvo, last night to be exact. I have to say it's the best frozen meal I've had. The turkey meatloaf was a tad spicy for me, but I am a wuss. I have more in the freezer, I am having another today. I hope I'm able to find some of the items I've read about on here. Keep up the good work.

Alexis R.

Terre Haute, IN

I would just like to say thank you for helping me on my weight loss journey. With eating your meals i've been able to shed 30lbs since the beginning of this year! I love the fact that your meals are easy for busy people like me, healthy, and no meal prepping required! Thank you for helping me stay focused and still enjoy eating on this journey!

Nicole T.

Roswell, GA

I love Luvo because the meals are made with only the finest, freshest, highest quality ingredients, and they taste delicious!

Leanne F.

Montgomery, AB

I just wanted to say that the Chicken Chile Verde with black beans and polenta is by far the best frozen meal I have ever eaten! It truly tastes like restaurant-quality food. So flavorful!!

Lisa D.

Fuquay Varina, NC

Luvo is the best convenience since the invention of the microwave. The bag concept is a true delight and the food looks gourmet! Thank you thank you thank you and good night sweet prince.

Tonya H.

Ventura , CA

I just want to say that Luvo has a great selection of meals that are healthy and light and tasty. I'm really trying to eat healthier and work out every day! I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Suhair S.

Alsip, IL

It's different from everyday dishes I've eaten. And tasty, just right for a busy mom that doesn't have time to cook and wants to feed her family something that is flavourful.

Linda D.

Philadelphia, PA

I luv Luvo for all the things it doesn't have: artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. I luv Luvo for the things they do have, like poultry raised without antibiotics and high protein. I luv the steam pouch, the 100% recycled paper, even the printing is done with soy inks. But most of all I luv the high quality of the meals, they are all delicious. I've been buying and enjoying them for 2 years now! I've lost weight and feel good about myself! My new favorite? Chicken Chorizo Chili. Delicious and just the right amount of spicyness!

Mary Ann H.

Milford, CT

I was visiting my daughter in Florida and she served me Luvo Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfast. Immediately I loved the taste and variety of fruits. I couldn't believe how healthy and tasty it was. So happy when I got home to Connecticut to see they sell Luvo at my local grocery store! Thank you Luvo for a wonderful variety of healthy meals.

Nan B.

Wynne, AR

I love the good, healthy food you offer. There are such good choices. It makes it easy to eat healthy and still have food that tastes good.

Stacy P.

Mays Landing, NJ

I luv that Luvo has delicious products and ingredients. A win win – I can have a healthy, filling delicious meal without the guilt.

Jeffrey L.

Rossford, OH

My husband and I ❤️ Luvo. It helps us eat responsibly with deliciously unique proportioned meals. No guilt, all pleasure.

William R.

Corpus Christi, TX

Tried the braised beef with squash, brussels sprouts and polenta. OUTSTANDING! Congratulations.

Kate T.

St Paul, MN

I luv Luvo because the meals are quick, delicious and healthy! They are a convenient way to have a hot meal on a busy day!

Lynette P.

Salem, OR

Thank you for making good tasting meals that are also low in sodium! Because I have a bad heart I need to eat low sodium and finding Luvo makes me feel less like a sick person and more normal. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rebecca T.

St Peters, MO

Instead of tasting like regret, the Luvo meals actually taste freshly prepared. They microwave easily, and fill the house with a desirable aroma.

Laurie H.

Grand Rapids, MN

I want to say THANK YOU! I tried the red wine braised beef with polenta today. I love to cook so I am pretty picky about food quality. Your meal hit all my high marks: quality, flavor, healthy and low in calories! Great job.

Dana R.

Lexington, SC

Your burritos are off the chain. I could eat a case of them in a month because they are that fab. Three times a day..seriously.

Tonya H.

Sacramento, CA

I had Luvo for the first time – the Orange Mango Chicken entree – and by the last bite I was amazed. The meal was a perfect blend of savory, fruit, and vegetable flavors. I felt like I was eating a meal in a restaurant. I am especially pleased that the food is stored and prepared without plastic. I am a new fan of Luvo. I can't wait to try the other entrees.

Judy E.

New York, NY

How do I luv Luvo? Let me count the ways: delicious, healthy, unique, easy to make and kind of fun. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Craig L.

Piscataway, NJ

Love your uber healthy products! I was hesitant about trying, but then had them at a friend's place. Hooked! Thank you!

Samantha B.

Hamden, CT

It's wonderful to be able to have a meal that is both delicious and healthy, not to mention convenient. And with the variety of Luvo meals available, there's a taste and flavor to meet nearly any craving.

Katie B.

Ravena, NY

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my family loves your products! Your quick dinners and burritos are always stocked in the freezer.

Marcia D.

Nixa, MO

Finally a delicious and nutritious frozen meal. I had the Chicken Chili Verde and it cooked perfectly in the steamazing pouch. Loved it! Will buy again and again and anxious to try new entrees! Thanks for a great product.

Lillian L.

Santa Fe, TX

Thank you so much for your delicious, healthy meals. I tried my first one today, Chicken Chile Verde, and loved it. It is a perfect meal for a diabetic, the carbs are low, and also not too many calories. I will definitely buy more – the next one I want to try is the Kale Ravioli. Thanks again.


East Bridgewater, MA

Luvo is the only frozen meal worth eating! Taste is great and you feel good about eating them! We have been enjoying Luvo for years!

Janice K.

Santa Clarita, CA

I saw Luvo for the first time a few weeks back at my local grocery store. I was hooked from that first bite of the turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes with brussels sprouts and butternut squash. Less than 300 calories and less than 500 mg sodium and meat raised without antibiotics. I rushed out to get more and they were nearly sold out. I bought all that was left so I wouldn't run out. Thank you for making a healthy and delicious frozen dinner for those of us that have busy lives.

Anna E.

Washington, DC

Thanks for the snack on my Delta flight from LAX to SFO! I wish you had greater distribution in Washington, DC!

Carl D.

Chicago, IL

I've been trying to lose weight and eat healthier lunches lately, per my doctor's orders. When I came across your product, I was admittedly skeptical; it looks great, provides convenience, and only contains 300mg of sodium (less than half that of other purportedly "healthy" frozen options). It can't be good, can it? But, here I am, having just finished my first Luvo meal, ever. Writing to you, no less. Verdict: It was every bit as delicious as I'd hoped. I'm heading out later to buy more for the rest of the work week's lunches. Thanks!

Jim T.

Denton, TX

These meals are great for night shift. No longer am I bound to have a burger and fries each and every night. Between the Orange Mango Chicken and Chicken Chili Verde, I'm always guaranteed to have a meal that gives me variety and satisfies my hunger.

Stephanie J.

Cleveland, OH

The Red Wine Braised Beef with Polenta is simply delicious. I am looking forward to trying your other entrees, burritos and breakfast line. What comes to mind when I think of Luvo is natural and wholesome ingredients.

Stephanie E.

Tipton, KS

Absolutely LUV the entrees! These are the best freezer-to-plate meals I've ever had in my life! I travel an hour each way to buy groceries and being on a calorie restricted nutrition plan; LUVO fits the bill! Thank you for such an amazing product! Nutrient dense, calorically correct and the taste...boom! Luv all around!

Lizzy B.

Ocala, FL

You can taste the extra love it was made with. It just tastes better. Wholesome ingredients, amazing food.

Katie M.

Georgetown, TX

Finally a frozen meal that looks like the picture and tastes even better! Thank you for saving lunch time! I am telling everyone!

Dionne C.

Crystal River, FL

I was always the 'on-the-go' gal, ever since college. So frozen foods were my go-to meal. However, in past few years I noticed I have become more sensitive to processed foods even though I don't have any food allergies and am the type who can pretty much stomach anything. Now enter lovely Luvo foods: what a godsend! My energy has gone up and my body feels so much better. I am in love with Luvo. Thank you.

Eric C.

Grayslake, IL

Finally Luvo is in my store in Grayslake, Illinois. I thought this would never happen. I bought the Turkey Lasagna, the Chicken Chili Verde, and the Orange Mango Chicken. They were on sale $7 for two. I served them to the family – OMG. This was better than most restaurants and definitely way above frozen meals. My last attempt was Evol and I can tell you that Luvo appeals to consumers like us. Wow! It was so good. Thank you to Luvo for finally getting it. Please don't change your ways, we luv u!

Lisa S.

Staten Island, NY

I like to have Luvo meals at lunch, especially the Chicken Chile Verde. They are the highlight of my work day!

Kimberly K.

Redford Township, MI

Your steel cut oatmeal with quinoa and fruit is delicious! Last winter I bought it at a local Target store and was disappointed to never find it there again. I have seen and purchased your other products in many stores nearby but the steel cut oatmeal is my favorite dish! I have not had it since last winter but I am inspired to go on a hunt to find it this month!

Lisa D.

Fuquay varina, NC

For over a year now I have been impressed with every meal. They taste phoneminal and look just like the picture. And, Derek Jeter is your Brand Development Officer. I am so impressed. Thank you Luvo!

Renea D.

Lorain, OH

Luvo makes me feel great and not only tastes great but it is a life saver. I have lung and heart disease. I won coupons and my husband loves the meals. I couldn't thank you enough for me being picked that day. Thank you so much Luvo.

Sonja H.

Warner Robins, GA

I simply love your meals. The fact that I'm not heating up plastic makes me feel so much better about what I'm eating AND the food is all natural and tastes as good as it smells. I'm never disappointed when I have the turkey loaf with cranberries and brussells sprouts for lunch or dinner. Keep it up because the extra effort shows in your products. :)

Chris K.

East Troy, WI

I tried Luvo's Orange Mango Chicken yesterday, and the entree was delicious! Since achieving a significant weight loss goal last year I continue to seek out nutritious offerings such as this to help me maintain my weight while enjoying great tasting food. Thank you, Luvo!

Heather B.

Nacogdoches, TX

I just tried the bean and cheese burrito and I am in love! I have a very demanding career and spend 60 plus hours a week at work. There is no time for cooking. I was living on fast food and frozen dinners. In the past year I have gained 20 pounds and I am headed down a path of self destruction due to my poor diet choices. I am trying to make better choices before I completely wreck my body! I picked up a couple of Luvo burritos at the store last night. I had one for dinner last night and the other for lunch today. They were AMAZING! I am headed to the store after work. I can't wait to try more Luvo products. Thank you Luvo!

Wilford R.

Port Bolivar, TX

I love, love, love Luvo's Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken. I buy tons at my local Kroger in Galveston. I love spicy, healthy food.

Stacy B.

Tumwater, WA

I am trying to eat healthier but work a lot of hours and am a mom of 3 active kids. Sometimes it is hard to grab something healthy and I've ended up resorting to fast food. I have always hated the taste of frozen meals and cannot afford meal delivery so I end up going back to the same routines and habits of eating unhealthy. I just had one of your meals today for lunch at work (Chicken Chile Verde). It was magnificent! It tasted so wonderful and I felt great knowing it was healthy! It was also a lot cheaper than eating lunch out! I can't wait to try more of the meals and hope you will continue to make new and different meals to try. There aren't many places carrying a wide variety of Luvo where I live but I hope that changes. Thank you!

Linda B.

Austin, TX

Just tried Luvo for the first time. I brought the Orange Mango Chicken to work for lunch. WOW its good! It won't be my last!

Heather G.

Lebanon, MO

I just wanted to say that I absolutely LUV Luvo! Though it isn't currently sold in my town, I stock up when I am in a neighbouring city. I love everything I have tried, but the Spinach Ricotta Ravioli is my absolute favorite :) Thanks for being so great!

Megan S.

Westville, IL

Just found your meals at our local Meijer. Tried my first one yesterday and it was wonderful! Will be eating my second one today. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful product. Can't wait to try more meals. I have been looking for this papillote style of meals for years now and I have finally found them. Thank you again!

Rina W.

Glen Ellyn, IL

Luvo Luvo Luvo ohhh how I love thee! While heating in the oven my home smells like freshly cooked meals that I slaved hours over the stove for. The meals are so good, I decided to serve the braised beef meal on fancy plates for Christmas dinner this year. If you could start doing desserts, I'd be in heaven. Keep up the great work - healthy & delicious - the ONLY frozen meal company I trust.


Norwalk, CT

I love your Orange Mango Chicken entree and how healthy it is. So delicious! I can't wait to try the other meals.

Michele D.

Buffalo, NY

I've tried several of the entrees and I'm really impressed. They are so good, far better than any frozen entrees I've ever had. I haven't bought any in a long time as the taste and sodium were terrible. I saw this brand featured on a Food Network show and waited for them to be in a local store. It's my new go-to instead of take out. I can't wait to see what else is coming.

Jacqueline W.

St Simons Island, GA

I just ate the Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta with brussels sprouts, butternut squash and cranberries. By far the best frozen meal ever.

Darren U.

Philadelphia, PA

I wanted to let you know I am a fan of your meals! My favorite is the Orange Mango Chicken with whole grains, broccoli and kale. What a refreshing taste! I've shared Luvo with my friends and they cant wait to try it! Thanks again for making such a wholesome and tasty meal.

Jessica M.

Southington, CT

I tried your Orange Mango Chicken Steamazing meal for the first time today. I literally just finished it and needed to send you a review because it was so good. First, after reading all the instructions, I said to myself, "This better be good..." Then when I ate it, it was definitely worth the extra care to heat it up right. I already shared my wonderful experience with my coworkers, too! It really felt like the meal was prepared by a person, not squished out of a machine on an assembly line into a tray. Good job! I love Luvo!


Wesley Chapel, FL

Walmart just started carrying Luvo entrees and I couldn't be happier! I love the Orange Mango Chicken. So flavourful and I love that its healthy. Most frozen meals are high in sodium but not Luvo.

Karen W.

Washington, NJ

I just tried my first Luvo frozen entree – Turkey Vegetable Lasagna – and I love it! I am looking forward to trying more varieties.

Alyssa L.

Victor, NY

Amazing. Your products are absolutely amazing; in taste, quality, respect for the earth and the body. I am a pediatric nurse and am required to work nights. When working nights it’s always very hard for me to find time to cook healthy meals. I discovered your amazingness at the Wanderlust festival in Brooklyn, where they were sampling breakfast meals. I was hooked not only on the quality of the "frozen food" but how much your company appears to care about the body and earth. Being a nurse means long hours of taking care of others and it is often hard to find time to take care of ourselves. With Luvo in my work bag I have no excuse for not eating well. Thank You!

Deborah F.

Carrollton, TX

Thank you for being in my life, Luvo! I have long since left all the other frozen meals. I don't need them anymore now that I have your fresh ingredients and delicious flavors!

Arianna R.

Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted to say that I love your product. I try hard to eat healthy and pay attention to what I buy. I bring in lunch to work most days because I work in an area where my only take out options are fast food. I was stuck on days I didn't bring something from home. I discovered your product at the nearby ShopRite. No longer must lunch at work be something I feel guilty about later in the day! Thanks!

Jennifer T.

Mays Landing, NJ

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your food. So far everything I have tasted is amazing. So happy to have found your products. Thanks!

Derek A.

Hermitage, TN

Great product! I'm not a fan of frozen foods typically, but wow your line of dishes are really impressive so far. I really enjoy the refreshing attitude of providing a good product at a fair price. I've never understood why companies do otherwise. Thank you!

Christine S.

Flemington, NJ

First time I've bought a frozen 'dinner', maybe ever. I hate processed foods, but was intrigued by your marketing, selection, and more importantly your ingredients...and I must say, I'm impressed! I tried the Vegetable Coconut Curry Pilaf. Presenation was good , lived up to plating nicely and didn't look like a frozen meal (instructions to 'shimmy' product from bag were perfect). Obvious and most important was the taste, and yeah it was very good! Nicely rounded, slightly sweet curry flavor, not too strong or too saucy, and very fresh tasting. Veggies somehow not overlooked! Again, I'm impressed and will look to buy more. Thanks for giving me a quick , easy, healthy, flavourful dinner option!

Jackie S.

Copperas Cove, TX

I recently bought the Luvo Kale Ricotta Ravioli. It was the best vegetarian meal I have had in a long time. It was great. I will definitely be purchasing more items. I didn't have to add anything to the meal to make it taste good, like I have to do with so many other brands I have purchased. Thank you so much.

Alina M.

Syracuse, NY

Before I found Luvo, I ate frozen meals out of plastic cartons that I never actually enjoyed or felt good about. The fact that your meals are enclosed in paper is what first got me interested, but I stayed because of the great nutritional values and extraordinary taste. They are better than any other brand of frozen meals I have tried, and I have tried a lot. I love the variety as well. Keep it up! #luvluvo

Shannon G.

Axton, VA

Phenomenal. These Luvo meals are fab. Super easy to make and perfect for my busy schedule. They are healthy and filled with so much flavor. Can't wait until my next bite! Thank you.

Ariane H.

Detroit, MI

I've been eyeing your products in my local Meijer store for a few months now. Finally took a chance, and purchased the Spinach Ravioli with Turkey Bolognese and I have to say, it's FANTASTIC! Great flavors, and I love the sauce. I've been substituting turkey for beef for over 20 years, and sometime, well it just misses the mark. You, however, have hit a bullseye. I will definitely be purchasing a few more, and look forward to trying your other varieties.

Julia R.

Mill Creek, WA

WOW! I'm sitting here eating my first Luvo meal, your Farmer's Market Frittata, and it's not just good, it's fabulous! From the moment I noticed your beautiful packaging in the grocery store (Central Market in Mill Creek, WA), to the steam-pouch, to tasting the food... everything is as it should be. I'm beyond impressed. Thank you for making such an incredible, sincere product. Healthy for the earth and healthy for me. BRAVO!

Dai M.

Vancouver, BC

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my Luvo meals as my go-to backup when tight on time. Thanks for making yummy awesomeness!

Anna N.

Ewing, NJ

I love your products! As a newly married, full-time graduate student pursuing my masters in clinical mental health counselling, I do not have much spare time for meal prep and have usually relied on frozen meals for quick nourishment before classes that go until after 10pm. Other meals I've tried always left me with the taste of salt in my mouth and never truly satisfied. After trying your meals now (my favorite is the turkey lasagna) I am happy to report I have found my go-to meals while at class. I have always emphasized to my clients the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet as part of overall wellness and often due to lack of time, I was unable to follow my own advice. I am so glad to have found Luvo! Thank you for your commitment to natural and healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying to boot!

Jennifer H.

Virginia Beach, VA

I recently bought your Vegetable Bibimbap, I love Korean food and had to get this entree. I thought it was very tasty and I would definitely buy more in the future. Thanks for your products. Keep it up!

Miyoshi O.

Brooklyn, NY

I'm just writing to tell you what a great job you are doing. Your products make great work lunches! My fave so far is the Roasted Vegetable Lasagna.

Noelle R.

Warwick, NY

Thank you for helping me eat healthier on my busy schedule! It helped me lose weight along the way since I am able to eat satisfying, healthy meals after a long day. Its great knowing there are Luvo's in my freezer :)

Ray B.

Wilbraham, MA

The Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken is outstanding! Plate licking good. Perfectly spiced, nicely presented and the steaming wrapper is excellent!

Jennifer E.

Middletown, NY

I love love love this product line. This is the best prepackaged food I have ever had. It fits great into my healthy lifestyle and I feel good about fueling my body with this real food. If I could send you a picture of my freezer you would see just how much of a Luvo fan I am! I can't wait to see what else you come out with. I do love spicy food:)

Bettina M.

San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how good I thought your products were. I especially like the turkey meatloaf which I had for the first time the other day. All my coworkers remarked on how good it looked and smelled. Thanks for giving me another great lunch and dinner option!

Elizabeth T.

Alexandria, VA

Thank you guys so much for providing a frozen meal option that not only tastes good, but that I can feel great about eating!  It is so nice to have a frozen meal that is healthy, convenient, and delicious. Plus, you are truly the only brand where I can say the product actually looks like what's on the box! You guys rock and please continue to make delicious and healthy meals for all us busy, health-conscious folks!

Anna Z.

Chesapeake, VA

I have always been skeptical of frozen meals so when I spotted Luvo in my local grocery store I was skeptical at first. I read the ingredients and was amazed by how natural, real and unprocessed it was! I was getting quality protein carbs and fats in a frozen box of joy! When I made the Orange Mango Chicken I found the brown steamer bag to be a new and inventive way to cook frozen food. The five minute wait was unbearable because I could smell the fresh orange cooking from the kitchen! I was amazed that the meal was EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE ON THE BOX. It smelled delicious and I was pleased and full. I was a bit irritated while eating it though because my cat thought it smelled so yummy and he kept trying to climb up on the table, haha! I love the lucid freshness and quality and taste. I can't wait to try other products and will recommend Luvo to anyone!

Vikki S.

Springfield, MA

Your meals are delicious! Especially the Chicken Chile Verde! The best part of it is easily the polenta. I could eat bowl after bowl of that polenta and not get sick of it. Polenta in a frozen dinner has no right being that good! It's literally better than most polenta! Don't get me wrong, the rest of the food is fantastic but that polenta is the star of the meal!

April W.

Hopkins, SC

I have purchased several of your entrees including the Chicken Chile Verde, Orange Mango Chicken and Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta. The entrees were delicious. I am very particular about the foods I eat and I will be purchasing more in the near future. The only place I have purchased them from so far is Walmart.

Sharon B.

Walnut Creek, CA

This is the most amazing product I have yet discovered. For medical reasons I can only use the microwave to cook and this does the trick for me AND it is steamed to keep in the flavor like no other frozen meals. Being vegetarian can become a challenge when your grocery store only keeps one or two Luvo products. I asked the manager today in person as well as submitted a survey with a request to get more items. I am hoping to get a call back to discuss my disappointment. Your products are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. I would not use other brands if I was able to only get Luvo at my local grocery store. Got to LUV LUVO.

Jennifer H.

Virginia Beach, VA

I used a coupon and got one of your dishes, which was the Orange Mango Chicken. I love that you can put the whole bag into the microwave and out it comes. It is very delicious! I'll buy more from now on.

Dawn G.

Las Vegas, NV

I am a newcomer to your products. I just tried the Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken and the flavors were absolutely amazing. The portions were generous and the chicken was plump and moist. Plus, I love your company's philosophy and how you give back. You have a new fan!

Kathy P.

Chatsworth, CA

Wow! I just tried your Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta – fantastic! Real food and low calories. Thank you! I love your packaging... very ingenious! Thank you for an excellent product. Suggestion: please add some more beef entrees. Fish entrees would be great too.

Jane Y.

New York, NY

Loved the Braised Beef with Polenta. Very surprised that it tasted so good, considering it was previously frozen.

Ava B.

Hamilton, NJ

I am a person who has lost 55 pounds and will keep it off! I absolutely love your products. Not only are they healthy but they taste wonderful as well. They make it easy to eat healthy lunches at work because they are filling too.

Jenna A.

Minneapolis, MN

I'm in LUV with your Whole Grain Pilaf (with brown rice, quinoa, kale, artichokes & zucchini)! If I could buy this in bulk, I would (no, seriously, I bought ALL the boxes at my grocery store last night - sorry not sorry). This is my favorite lunchtime meal at work. So easy to prepare, and the flavors are amazing. As a very picky eater, and someone who values healthy nutrition and supports sustainability, your brand is literally made for me. Thank you for providing such incredible food and for setting the bar high for the rest of the food industry. Keep doing what you're doing!

Brandi C.

Mount Airy, NC

Oh my, finally! Someone finally got it. Great, nutritious food that is convenient. Thank you so much. The meals are all delicious and good for me and my family!

Ann W.

Houston, TX

Just tried your frozen flatbread for the very first time and I think I'm hooked. The basalmic glaze that goes on top of the flatbread is amazing! I used the $1.50 off coupon you had to try your products for the first time and I will be buying more. Hope to see more coupons in the future because my family lives on a tight budget. It's great when I can get healthy quality food at a great price so thank you for the coupons that led me to a new flatbread obsession.

Pamela P.

Hamilton, NJ

Magnificent! One word to describe your entrees. I purchased 5 last week and have been overwhelmed with the quality and the taste of your products. Today I had the Turkey Vegetable Lasagna which is high in protein and fiber. I thought I was eating at a 5 star restaurant in New York City it was absolutely delicious.

Jason B.

Hemet, CA

I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.

Danielle R.

New Haven, IN

I have never loved a product so much let alone a frozen dinner so much that I have wrote in to the company... your frozen meals are absolutely amazing. I really can't get over it. My local Meijer has limited selections of Luvo but what I have tried is absolutely delicious. Nothing about it tastes like a frozen meal. I would love to try them all, hopefully Meijer will get some of the other varieties and the breakfasts.

Margo H.

Tampa, FL

I love the Chicken Coconut Curry Burrito! Very flavorful and healthy. The burritos are a great addition to the Luvo food family.

Janet C.

Edmonds, WA

Good job, Luvo! My health requires that I eat a low sodium, low fat, nutritious diet. Since the economy took a nose dive in 2008, my workload has increased tremendously. Needless to say, I don’t have time to cook. I do supplement the Luvo meals with fresh vegetables and fruit. I love the idea of a paper steambag that allows for a nice presentation of the food after cooking. I also need to maintain a reasonable food budget, so it’s the perfect price point for me. As I was headed for the frozen food case the other day, another customer approached the Luvo case at the same time. She had to wait her turn :)

Jude S.

Columbus, OH

I love your frozen entrees. I'm very picky and health conscience. Thank you for a great product.

Jenna B.

Fort Leavenworth, KS

I'm 31 years old, married with two kids ages 3 1/2 and 16 months. I am also on the transplant list to receive a new heart. We are a busy family with a lot on our plate. I luv Luvo. I have a pretty strict diet especially where sodium is concerned and Luvo creates quick delicious meals that I can eat without putting my health in jeopardy. NEVER did I think I'd find a meal in the freezer section that I could quickly microwave and eat. Thank you for making something easy in a life full of challenges!

Laura L.

Groton, CT

After wandering through the frozen food aisle late one evening after work, I came across your Turkey Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes. I enjoyed every mouthful! I bought one of each entree offered and look forward to my next quick fix. Thanks for all you do to promote healthy eats. Keep up the good work!

Anne D.

Seattle, WA

I tried my first Luvo meals this week, and I'm in LOVE! I used to purchase frozen meals, but after reading the ingredients list, and seeing how high the sodium and other elements were, I stopped altogether. I saw Luvo on the shelf at my local QFC, picked up a package, read the label, and thought, is this too good to be true? I purchased a few, tried them, and was so pleasantly surprised (and my tastebuds were too)! I'm stocking up the freezer with Luvo this week, move over frozen corn and peas. Thank you so much!

Kim E.

Saint Louis Park, MN

I have never wrote into a company to leave a positive note before. But you are the exception! I have gained weight over the last 10 years and now am trying to lose it. I am a business professional at Wells Fargo and don't have a lot of time to cook meals. One of my co-workers had one of your frozen meals and was telling me I should try it. I bought the turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I was floored by how great it tasted. It was like getting a fancy restaurant's food in a convenient microwave package. I am on my way to the store to buy more, and I will be telling all of my friends and co-workers how great your meals are. Thank you so much for making healthy quality food for busy people.

Maegan A.

Houston, TX

Just bought your entrees at Costco, and came home and ate one. Delicious and now I'm hooked! Excited to see something that is healthy, meets my macros of high protein for all the strength training I do and is fast to make. Requesting more of your products at Costco. Your burritos would be awesome to try too, hint hint!

Lisa D.

Clementon, NJ

I noticed Luvo in my local ShopRite a few weeks ago. I finally bought one to try for a quick lunch during work. I had the Chicken Chile Verde and was blown away! Tasty, fast and amazingly healthy! I had weight loss surgery 4 years ago and I look for foods with low fat, low carbs and high protein. While the carbs were a little high for me, this is offset by lots of fiber, and 27g of protein in one meal gets me to almost half of my daily goal! Thank you Luvo for making a microwave product that's not loaded with fat and artificial ingredients.

Cecille J.

Monroe, NY

You're the best, most wholesome, healthy and sophisticated frozen food brand I know. Just had your Chicken Chorizo Chili with kale and jalapenos for lunch. All I can say is WOW. That is one awesome meal. Thanks for giving us a range of wonderfully spiced (not bland) and exotic meals that we deserve.

Steve S.

Chandler, AZ

I just learned about your company and products from a link on an MSN article. Your foods look fresh and healthy and your story is interesting. As one who lost 35 pounds over a year ago and kept it off, I am frequently on the hunt for frozen entrees under 350 cals for lunch. I am interested in starting off with your chicken chili verde, then tandoori and thai chicken entrees. I see your products are available at Fry's, which is conveniently close to the office.

Tracy B.

Louisville, KY

I was looking for something quick to eat and I always look for items with good fiber content. I had a Chicken Poblano Verde Burrito – it was really good! I'll look for more of your products!

Matt L.

San Antonio, TX

I recently discovered your flatbreads and they are amazing! Thank you for making something so tasty and nutritious, as I really watch what I put into my body.

Ricki K.

San Antonio, TX

I just tried your Chicken Chili Verde. It was amazing! It tasted fresh and the chicken was real white meat. I am very impressed. Can't wait to try other items. Thank you for a great tasting, healthy product!

Cheyanne B.

Tucson, AZ

I eat your frozen burritos all the time and I can't get enough. Who knew a bean and cheese burrito could taste so good? I just wanted to thank you for making your products organic and delicious!


Garwood, NJ

I saw Luvo meals in my local ShopRite yesterday and decided to give them a try. I love to eat healthy but sometimes I'm just too tired to cook! These were amazing! I had the whole wheat penne pasta with turkey meatballs and was in love. So happy you guys offer healthy frozen meals for those nights that I just don't want to cook! Can't wait to go get some more.

Melissa W.

Elkhorn, WI

As a busy mom of four, having everyone eat healthy meals is my daily duty! On the days when we are all heading out at different times, Luvo to the rescue! My baseball boys love it, they said the food tastes just like something I would make. They each pick a different entree and can easily prepare it themselves. My husband even enjoyed the chicken enchiladas on the way to a game! Thank you so much for creating tasty, nutritious frozen meals. We are looking forward to trying every single one!

Sara S.

Milledgeville, GA

As I type, I’m eating your kale and ricotta ravioli for the first time and I must say…wow. Delicious, bold flavor that tastes homemade and doesn’t leave me feeling guilty for finding something quick for lunch. Bravo!

Heather S.

Lancaster, CA

Thank you for these wonderful meals! I am in love with the Red Wine Braised Beef and Polenta. The Polenta cooks perfectly in the pouch. I would love to purchase more of these meals.

Suzan F.

Seattle, WA

I'm sitting here eating my first Luvo meal – Orange Mango Chicken – and I'm loving it! I'm super conscientious about buying quality ingredients, but I tend to lower my standards for quick frozen low fat lunch options. It looks like I don't even need to be scared of the chicken source. There are so many good things to say: good taste, good quality, good price, good packaging, good fat/calorie balance, low gluten. Goodbye, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers! May God bless this company!

Jennifer M.

Piedmont, OK

Thank you so much for your partnership with Delta Air Lines. Delta is my airline of choice and on my most recent trip I had the pleasure of experiencing one of your snacks consisting of almonds, sliced apples, grapes, and more yummy goodness. When you're traveling you want to eat healthy and Luvo hit the spot. I've bragged to everyone about the wonderful snacks on Delta Air Lines. Thank you so much!

Tricia F.

Hemet, CA

I just wanted to let your company know that you're doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public's needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.

Julie Z.

hawthorne, NJ

I tried your orange mango chicken with brown rice and kale, this is by far one of the best frozen meals I have ever had! I was a bit skeptical at first because this brand is new and one I have never seen before. Also, when I realized that it was in a bag and not a tray, that really threw me off . I thought everything would just be mushy and mixed together but it WASN'T! The chicken was tender and the sauce wasn't too acidic or sweet but just right . The kale wasn't bitter and the rice was a bit overcooked but I liked it that way. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to try other meals.

Craig L.

Ocala, FL

I am the Director of Destination Training which promotes running and cycling events for women in Florida and Georgia. Your product would be perfect for the women that run and cycle in our events. I like the variety, flavor and convenience. Our ladies would love this product.

Bill W.

Gig Harbor, WA

OMG! I tried the Orange Mango Chicken and the Chicken Chile Verde and was blown away by the flavor and ease of preparation. That led to a search for more items which took me to Haggen where they stock most of the product line. Now, I only wish I had a bigger freezer as I keep it well stocked with my favorites, which so far, are ALL OF THEM!

Jo & Bob

San Diego, CA

I found Luvo's meals at our new Haggen and thought I'd try it. I'm too tired to cook being in my 60's and having high/low energy days. Wow! The braised beef was delish and I loved the healthy sides and brown pouch bag. Amazingly good, though small portions so need a side salad. Better option than unhealthy restaurants or other frozen food! Proud to stock my freezer with Luvo for quick backup meals. Just need to get coupons for family and friends to try. Thanks Luvo! Luv, Jo and Bob

Heather S.

Burlington, WA

I love Luvo. Such tasty meals with fresh, delicious ingredients and fun combinations of flavours. Keep up the great work Luvo Inc.

Pam P.

Aurora, OH

I love, love, love your frozen entrees! Restaurant quality, delicious, healthy, portion controlled dinners that steam perfectly in the oven. Keep up the good work! My local supermarket doesn't carry all of your entrees, but I hope that customer demand will soon require that they do. I am telling all of my friends and relatives across the U.S. about your products. P.S. My favorite entrée so far is your Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta. Yum! The beef is so tender it melts in your mouth!

Amy O.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for making the most delicious meals my freezer has ever stored. I don't really write comments like these (who has the time?!) but I felt that it needed to be shared. I've tried the breakfast meals (the hardest meal for me to eat healthily) and am sold. You're wonderful. Really.

Laura C.

Cold Spring, NY

Luv your products, keep doing what you're doing! The flatbreads are great, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella with Basil & Sea Salt is my personal fave.

David R.

Providence, RI

I just had my first Luvo Market Vegetable Flatbread! It was absolutely DELICIOUS! The balsamic glaze added to the already wonderful flavor of the crispy flaxseed crust, roasted eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers. I became a vegetarian a little less than a year ago and have lost 170 pounds. I often find that heat and serve items are flavourless. This product was AWESOME and a great time saver! I will definitely purchase again and again!

Jose R.

Tampa, FL

I travel quite often for work; today I had the pleasure of finding your chicken wrap on my Delta flight to the west coast. While I initially ordered it because I figured it was my best option, it was darn good! I was pleasantly suprised how fresh it tasted as airplane food isn't known for freshness. I submitted a picture to Instagram and wanted to thank you all for your reply.

Anne H.

Tualatin, OR

WOW! Just finished an amazing lunch of Luvo's Orange Mango Chicken. The steaming made it evenly hot and moist, and I especially loved the kale and broccoli, which somehow stayed crisp and green. And thank you, thank you, thank you for not putting your meals in plastic. Luvo's my go-to lunch from now on.

Mary M.

Wallingford, CT

Just wanted you to know that I just finished your turkey meatloaf meal. It was the best frozen meal I have eaten. The best part is that it was low calorie and had quality, healthy ingredients. Thank you for the wonderful product, I look forward to trying other selections.

Samyra D.

Gilbert, AZ

I found your product here in Gilbert, AZ. It was the Steel-Cut Oatmeal with quinoa, cherries, apples, peaches, and almonds. It's the best tasting oatmeal with fruit I've ever had. It kept me full for half a day. I would like to continue buying this product. We have Whole Foods and Fresh & Easy here. I will try more of your products as I want to eat healthy, good tasting food. I work a ton of hours and need the convenience. I love what this company is doing.

Dawna N.

Champaign, IL

I just finished the Chicken Chile Verde frozen meal and I have to say, WELL DONE! This is, hands down, the best frozen meal I've ever had. As a former chef-turned-corporate, I am always hopeful that a company will get the 'healthy frozen' alternative right and I have to say that you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I plan on telling everyone I know about your product and I am currently searching for more options that are locally available to me. I'm very excited about your company and look forward to learning more.

Barbara F.

Centereach, NY

Wow! I just had your Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta for the first time. It was delicious. I have always made all of my meals from scratch but with my new job I have hardly any time to cook. I am so happy I found Luvo because I can have a healthy meal quickly and easily with no bad stuff in it. Thank you!

Judith A.

Hillsdale, NJ

I tried your Quinoa & Vegetable Enchiladas – delicious. I will definitely buy them again and I'm looking forward to trying some of your other meals.

Melissa L.

Grennwich, CT

Finally! A delicious product that is worth praising. Saying thank you just doesn't seem like enough, so I think I will send you a virtual happy happy joy joy dance.

Mercedes L.

Savannah, GA

Hey y'all, I'm a recovering 5-star foodie, turning in the foie gras for avocado and the champagne for chia seeds. My opinion is that Luvo is *exactly right* food. It's freaking delicious and the ingredients don't make me grow a new gallbladder just to have it surgically chopped out all over again. I knew it could be done! Okay, this is how good the turkey meatloaf is: I had a frozen spot because my microwave is a jerk, and it tasted so good I didn't bother reheating it. Unheard of. Thank you so MUCH! Please don't sell out.

Tahjir C.

Orange Park, FL

Great food. I hope that everyone tries this product, it's awesome.

Julie P.

Nipomo, CA

I recently found your food and have lost 20 lbs mostly eating your oatmeal and a few entrees. I loved the textures and flavours I had not experienced before. Thank you for making really healthy frozen meals that cook in the bags deliciously.

Maria B.

The Woodlands, TX

I rarely buy frozen dinners and when I do I buy from the widely known ones such as Lean Cuisine or Amy's Kitchen but today I gave Luvo a shot and bought the Turkey Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes and I was blown away by the taste, texture, and presentation! I always felt guilty serving frozen dinners, even to myself, but as a nurse and mom sometimes I have to sacrifice healthy meals for time. Luvo seems like a better alternative than the other meals. I hope we are going to have more varieties at our local HEB at The Woodlands in Texas.

Marilyn K.

Rochester, MI

Luvo is the perfect name, lots of LUV! I had my first dinner last night, the chicken chile verde, amazing. Went back to Kroger to buy more! Tonight I had the mango chicken, oh my! It actually feels good to eat these, no salt or pepper needed. Fantastic food!

Debbie S.

Hamilton, NJ

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I am enjoying your products. I do not usually buy prepackaged frozen food, but by chance, I stumbled across your line at my local grocery store. I purchased one dinner meal to try, funny enough, my husband ate it before I did. We were both super impressed with the meal (Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta). I just started the Weight Watchers program and look forward to incorporating Luvo meals into my healthy food choices. Thanks for making healthy choices in the frozen food aisle easy to make!

Ray S.

Philadelphia, PA

I can't say enough good things about your products. When it goes on sale at ShopRite I load up. In all my 70 years plus, I've never found a more delightful meal. I grab a glass of wine with my meal. How sweet it is.

Ana G.

Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the opportunity of tasting your wonderful food. It's a delicious meal. It's amazing the texture of the tomatoes, its impossible for me to warm tomatoes and get the texture that you offer in your food. Thanks. God bless your company for the chance you gave my Groceryships group to try your food. All the families love it. Thanks again!

Michelle S.

San Diego, CA

I am everywhere in Southern California. Period. Drive-throughs seemed to be most convenient for my lifestyle, but when I tried Luvo's Nine Grain Pilaf, Organic Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito, and Farmer's Market Frittata (which I eat for dinner with steaming corn tortilla's), it is worth seeking out and stocking up on Luvo meals. Why? Flavor. You would never guess that the food before you was a frozen product. All the breakfasts and entrees taste like they were made minutes ago -- and fresh just for me!

Sue D.

Union, NJ

I discovered your flatbreads recently and must say I'm in love! The Apple Cinnamon Flatbread is on my weekly shopping list. I buy at least 5 boxes of that one alone. I keep some at home and some at work. I have also introduced them to my coworkers and they love them as well. Thank you for making a delicious product that I can eat, enjoy and not feel guilty about!

Mike C.

Carteret, NJ

We all luv Luvo! Thank you so much for making eating healthy so easy and delicious. So happy to have this product. I train so hard in the gym and when I go home I go to my Luvo meal first thing. Thank you Luvo!

Lisa D.

Fuquay Varina, NC

Simply amazing food! I went to Lowes today and I bought every single item they had. My freezer at work and home are full. Over 50 items. I can't wait to dig in! Thank you for your amazing food.

Jaclyn B.

Indianapolis, IN

I just had to write you a quick note to say how delicious your single serving steam meals are! I recently shopped at Meijer and your meals were on sale – buy one get one free – so I decided to give them a try. I purchased the Orange Mango Chicken and the Chicken Chile Verde meals. I ate the Orange Mango Chicken meal earlier this week and it was very tasty. Today, I tried the Chicken Chile Verde and oh my, it was so flavorful! Definitely my favorite out of the two. Thank you for making healthy go-to meals with ingredients that I know are real food! Delish!

Carrie K.

Thornton, CO

I luv luv luv your products! In the past I boycotted frozen meals because they were packed with sodium and not so much with flavor. Now I have 2 children, my own business, and a very busy schedule. So I tried your products and fell in luv with Luvo. Thanks for making something good for me that tastes great! I'm a loyal person and you've won my heart and my tummy.

Lainey D.

Seattle, WA

I LUV the quinoa crunch salad and the Italian farro salad I get when I fly Delta at supper time. I add a squeeze of 2 fresh lemon wedges and pepper. The vinaigrette for the farro salad isn't needed. Both are so yummy! The Greek yogurt with granola and fresh blueberries is my favorite at breakfast time. What I'd love is to get the salads at the grocers or get the recipe for the salads so I can enjoy my favorite meals (all just 240 calories too!) at home. Thank you for partnering with Delta so I can have healthy, tasty vegetarian options when I fly. Before you, my only option was grilled squash and onion on a wheat roll, completely dry or nothing.

Vincent G.

Phoenix, AZ

I was lucky enough to come across your products just about a month ago and it has changed my life. I am a single man living on my own and the most important thing to me is just to have quick easy meals when it comes to eating. The options for this are not always the healthiest though and that has always bothered me. To see a product like yours that offers such great, easy and health-conscious meals is the best thing I could have asked for. Now I can enjoy having a very simple meal to just heat up and still be happy knowing I made a wise, healthy choice. Please continue to make more great products and I will continue to stock my freezer with them.

Vicki L.

Lynwood, IL

Just ate your Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes meal, it was the most delicious frozen meal I have ever had. I was very surprised how delicious it was, and plan to try all your other foods. I was also pleased that the meal was in a bag and not those plastic containers. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my Turkey Meatloaf meal. Thank you for bringing delicious to frozen foods.

Angela K.

Santa Barbara, CA

Love your products. Really delicious, thank you.


Warsaw, IN

I had my first Luvo product last night; Red Wine Beef with polenta. It tasted like a gourmet meal! I bought it because of the lower sodium compared to other lower calorie frozen meals. Convenience shouldn't have to mean high cholesterol. Thank you for raising the bar on healthy frozen meals. Delicious!

June E.

Discovering Luvo has been life-changing. After reading a Wall Street Journal article about Luvo, I began eating one entree for lunch and another for dinner. In addition to feeling terrific, happy and energized, I lost the few pounds I had wanted to lose for years. Thanks to the combination of so many incredible ingredients in one entree I ate more slowly because I wanted to take the time to taste what I was eating, and finally understood the value of portion control. I had been eating healthy foods before, but ate too much healthy food – especially at night, a few hours after dinner! Portions are controlled in a Luvo meal and the balance of different foods in one meal somehow translates into not getting hungry soon after I've eaten. Here is my only problem – Stop & Shop only carries 3 Luvo entrees. Fresh Market only carries 2 entrees. Could you please distribute a wider variety of entrees (and more of each) to the stores that carry Luvo? Thank you.

Sylvia A.

I bought my first entree, the turkey meatloaf. I thank you for caring about the human race. I truly feel all the junky additives in our foods has played a part in the rise of illnesses. I'm a cancer survivor and the disease is awful. I feel safe eating your food. Thank you for giving me a quick delicious meal I can trust.

Tracie R.

Washington Court House, OH

I just finished your turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner...YUM! The combination of brussels sprouts and butternut squash was amazing.

Rosemarie H.

Henderson, NV

Oh my gosh! I love love love your product! So far I have eaten 7 different meals and all spectacular. From the breakfast to the entrees, all delicious. Each looks just like the picture on the box. The flavor is high quality and I can feel the luv that you put into this product. I have been trying to lose weight and started 2 weeks ago while using your food and lost over 5 pounds so far. It helps me to count calories and eat healthy without thinking about calculations. Thank you so much for making such an AWESOME product! I can't wait to try all the rest of your yummy foods.

Lauren T.

Harrisburg, NC

Easily the best frozen meals I have ever had (and I've tried a lot). I just ate the Chicken Chili Verde and I shook my head in disbelief the whole time. Thank you for such yummy lunches Luvo!

Tracy H.

Stony Point, NY

I picked up one of your burritos on a whim since it was on sale. I was thinking "yeah, I am sure this will be good", expecting cardboard followed with a lot of after taste. I was pleasantly disappointed to find it completely yummy. I am a single person who travels a bit and depends more on convenient foods than I should. It is great to find a healthy, tasty option.


Washington, DC

I just tried the chicken chile verde--my first time Luvo product. It was so delicious, I wanted to lick the paper!

Sue B.

Los Osos, CA

Really enjoy ever thing you make. Thank you endlessly for being a good company of quality food. Sometimes one must look to frozen food for help. Thank you again.

Lisa D.

Fuquay Varina, NC

Wow. I purchased the Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta and had it for lunch at the office. The smell was amazing and the taste was incredible. Kudos to Luvo! I am going back to Lowes foods tomorrow during my lunch break and I am buying every single package of every flavour that they carry. What a treat! Thank you for your incredible product line.

Emma T.

Phoenix, AZ

I just tried one of your products and I was compelled to leave some kudos! I had your Chicken Chile Verde meal and I must say I was very impressed. I've never had high expectations for frozen meals because they are usually just alright at best, but when I tried this dish, I was amazed at how great it looked and how fresh it tasted. Wow! I also chose this dish when looking for healthy options and the nutrition facts lined up with my needs. I really look forward to trying more Luvo meals. Please keep doing what you're doing and please keep offering healthy options. Thanks!

PK Logan

Los Osos, CA

DAMN! Finally somebody gets it right. I've eaten a fair amount of different frozen dinners out of desperation and hopes of tasting something good. Home run on presentation, quality, flavor, ingredients, and seasonings. I had the meatloaf, and my only other comment would be "more please." An entree with only 220 calories could be portioned up to 300 and make you feel a little fuller. Ralphs currently only carries two of your dinner items - people: get your sales people working the Ralphs decision makers because you blow the so-called competition out of the water. Thank you.

Tara W.

Brick, NJ

Thanks for being awesome.

Brad M.

Long Beach, CA

I had the opportunity to try one of your products on a Delta flight and wanted to let you know that I LOVED it. Will be looking for your products in local stores!

Brittnee R.

Raleigh, NC

Seriously, Luvo where have you been all my life? I have always been one to try the new healthy fast dinners. I do like some of your "frozen friends" but WOW, when my Kroger and Lowes just added you, first I bought two to try and then I went back and bought one of each. The flatbreads are incredible! The frozen meals are perfect post-yoga for something fast. These are a new freezer staple and I do not feel guilty at all. They literally taste like I made a fresh meal with ingredients from the farmers market or Whole Foods and flash froze my dinner. I will be telling ALL my friends. Thank you so much!

Adam F.

St. Augustine, FL

I run a busy co-packing company and don't always have time for lunch. I recently bought some of your frozen meals. I just had your Chicken Chile Verde and it was the best frozen entrée I have ever had. Great job! I look forward to trying your other offerings as well. I will definitely be a customer for life. Keep up the great work.

Julie L.

Portland, OR

I just finished eating a Luvo Chicken Chile Verde meal and had to write you. It was absolutely delicious. I was worried about the steaming pouch, but followed the directions and whoa, it slid out of the bag nicely and looked like the picture on the box. I'll be buying more. Thank you! Much continued success to your company.

Susan H.

Stamford, CT

Luvo flatbreads are the very best pizzas I've ever tried on the market. Finally a low-sodium, very tasty meal! I look forward to trying more of Luvo foods. Thank you so much. You guys are geniuses!

Heather W.

Columbus, OH

Just wanted to say that I tried your bean and cheese burrito for the first time today and LOVE it. I have never seen this in the grocery before today. Not sure if it's new but it's great! Thanks!

Linda G.

Langhorne, PA

Just want to thank you for having such a tasty frozen dinner.  I just had the Orange Mango Chicken and could actually taste all of the ingredients. Best of all is the sodium level of 380g!  Hard to find in any frozen food.

Zina T.

I bought Luvo’s Whole Grain Pilaf and it is so delicious. I bought it because of the low sodium compared to other frozen foods. Thanks — I look forward to more of your low fat, low sodium, vegetarian choices.

Dona W.

Fullerton, CA

I’ve purchased 4 of your entrees in the last week and have had them for lunch at work. They are so delicious! And I love the way they look when you let them slide out on a plate. It looks like “real food”! I have been a professional chef, and really appreciate the look and taste of all the entrees I’ve had. Far and above any frozen food (Lean Cuisine, etc.) out there. You’re doing it the right way! It’s downright revolutionary to have frozen food taste this good AND, not to mention, the sodium levels are within reason.

Eric D.

Sacramento, CA

Please never, ever change anything about the Thai Style Green Curry Chicken entrée. It is simply one of the most tasty meals I have ever eaten...anywhere! Thank you for bringing the LUV. Much appreciated!

Alma B.

Austin, TX

I generally do not like frozen breakfast items, however, I tried your Farmers Market Frittata and the flavors were sensational. In addition to flavor it was low calorie, low sodium and I must say it felt like the flavors were having a party in my mouth. I can't wait to try more of your dishes. The idea of the food sliding out of a package onto a plate is a nice way to serve your dishes. Thank you

Libby K.

Grand Ledge, MI

I love your products! I was hooked the first time I tried your Turkey Meatloaf. Way to go, Luvo! I've tried almost all of your entrees, The Chicken Chili Verde...get right out of town. So good! Thanks for making products that look exactly like the box, and taste phenomenal. I'll buy as long as you keep making these delicious meals. A fan for life!

Terry S.

Somerset, NJ

Love your entrees. They have healthy contents, are perfectly portioned AND low sodium. All the other food sources that claim to be healthy keep adding sodium to their food and this is not good for heart patients (which I am).

Karin C.

Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your partnership with Delta Air Lines. I traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco and was delighted to have a healthy snack on my way to and from my destination. I hope to see more of your products in the market soon!

Jessica G.

Denville, NJ

I just tried your caramelized onion and mushroom flatbread and must say I was very impressed my children actually even ate it. It seems like a great healthy product and prepared very well. I look forward to buying your products in the future. The bread was thin but not like cardboard. Keep up the great work!

Melissa F.

Conroe, TX

The penne turkey meatballs and the ravioli are amazing! Finally a frozen lunch that tastes fresh and has real identifiable meat in it. Thank you, I look forward to lunch now.

Derek S.

Lynnwood, WA

Luvo meals are great tasting, quality food that are very easy to prepare with lots of great options.


Walnut Creek, CA

I discovered your food and use them all the time, breakfast and dinner entrees. I don't cook so these are perfect for freezer to microwave. I am vegetarian and you have some great options. Would love to see more.

Cindy P.

West Creek, NJ

I have tried all the non-beef entrees and love them! I work with a trainer who is also a nutritionist and I keep a few in the freezer at work so I always have a healthy choice as plan B in case I don't have time to prep or forget. I'm also hypoglycemic, these meals are the closest frozen entree to how I would cook for myself, no issues with my sugar afterward and extremely satisfying. Happy to see a company put their dollars into a quality product instead of trying trick us into thinking a product is good for us like some of other brands marketed as "healthy diet" meals. Thank you!

Tracey Grimes

Valencia, CA

I luv, luv, luv your organic non-GMO (woot woot) bean and cheese burrito! I am so excited to finally find "pre-made" foods that I know are healthy and don't have all the yucky ingredients in them. I am studying to become a certified N.C., and I can say that I don't feel guilty about eating Luvo foods. Way to go Luvo!

Triece D.

Jersey City, NJ

I am truly impressed, I first learned of Luvo watching Celebrity Apprentice. I am an avid consumer of frozen meals because of my occupation, I'm a flight attendant. I usually purchase Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine, but they are high in sodium so my selection was limited. One day I was shopping in my local grocery store for my frozen meals and saw Luvo, I read the nutritional information and was pleased to find that Luvo was lower in calories, sodium and sugar but how would it taste. I purchased the Chicken Enchiladas, Red Wine Braised Beef and the Thai Style Curry Chicken, each meal was amazing. The packaging, preparation and serving was phenomenal. I will definitely be purchasing more of these meals and look forward to new meals. Thanks Luvo, I no longer feel guilty about not preparing my own meals and I can now eat healthy while at work.

Marina Eisenzimmer

San Geronimo, CA

I recently purchased your Orange Mango Chicken and loved it! It was very tasty and not a lot of sodium. I will buy again.

Viola Martini

Middletown, NY

I had my first Luvo frozen meal last night and I'm hooked. Braised beef in red wine sauce with polenta, brussel sprouts and squash. Yummm only 300 mg of sodium!
Luvo testimonial from Nick Burns

Nick Burns

League City, TX

“By far the most nutritious and portion-appropriate microwavable meals on the market and the only ones I will buy, at least at my HEB where they need to stock more variety...League City, TX! Where you at Kroger, Walmart? Stock it up!”

Annette Malave

Monroe, NY

“I recently decided to try some of your frozen meals. They are great! I can't believe how flavorful and fresh tasting they are. So far my faves are Orange Mango and Chicken Enchiladas. Goodbye Lean Cuisine! Hello to my new love - Luvo!”
Luvo testimonial from Anne Barnes

Anne Barnes

Laguna Niguel, CA

“My husband and I recently took two flights on Delta and were pleasantly surprised to be given your food instead of the usual airline fare. It was an amazing eating experience and one which is virtually never available while on a plane. We were so impressed that we have written to Delta to thank them and I have just gone on your website to find out where I can purchase your products. I was pleased to discover that they are available where I usually shop. I can' t believe that I have never heard of your brand before. Thank you for food that is healthy, tasty and interesting.”

Jennifer S.

Lexington Park, MD

“I have to tell you I love your products so much that I could be your spokesperson! I am sharing my newfound love of Luvo with all my friends, and cannot wait until my local Target has your items! So delicious, fresh and full of nutrition! You will have a customer for life!”

Jen Silva D.

Atwater, CA

“I have a BS in Health Science and I’m a Curves circuit coach. I know the importance of eating healthfully. I had a coupon so I studied the labels and got one with the most protein. I purchased the Chicken Chile Verde. I thought the bag was a little weird but it cooked the food perfectly! I get headaches or feel sluggish when there's MSG, too much salt, too much sugar, lots of carbs, aspartame, sucralose, etc. I'm happy to say I felt great after this meal. They are a little more expensive but I know that's because they're way better quality than most frozen meals. I can't wait to try all the different meals. Thanks for making a healthy product!”
Luvo testimonial from Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll

Brentwood, CA

“I bought your meals for the Dr. Hyman 10 Day Detox Diet. I can't believe how tasty and filling they are! I'm hoping I can find some of the meals in my local supermarket soon. They are the best frozen meals I've ever eaten!”

Nancy H.

Pittsburgh, PA

“Omg I had the Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta tonight. Normally I would have pushed Brussels sprouts aside but man oh man those were the best I have ever had as they did not have the bitter taste from most of the others I have eaten. I will definitely be buying more of your dinners. As a single lady with a crazy schedule working 3 jobs they are quick and nutritious. Thank you.”

Blaise F.

Loganville, GA

“I am having the Chicken Chili Verde right now. Man is it delicious. Very flavorful and satisfying. Probably one of the best microwave dinners I've ever had. Nice.”

Marissa H.

San Antonio, TX

“This food is legit! As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach, I am pretty leery of frozen meals. I tried this in a hurry today (after studying the label), and was super impressed with the taste and quality. The icing on the cake is that I sent my husband to work with a box, and he said he really liked it and the portion size. Big props to you all. Congratulations and thank you!”

Jo-Ann C.

Glastonbury, CT

“I just came across your meals a couple of weeks ago. And, I have to say, I was hooked with my first meal. I love that they are made from healthy ingredients, that they are low cal, high in fiber and tastes great! Most important to me, they actually fill me up. Many other brands with approximately the same levels of fiber, calories etc, leave me unsatisfied. And the presentation, amazing! I can tell that the meals are made by people who really care about their product and their clientele. Keep up the wonderful work, I'm so happy that I discovered you and I hope that I will be eating your products for a very long time. Best of luck.”
Luvo testimonial from Rachel Sheedy

Rachel Sheedy

West Hollywood, CA

“So often I think we as human beings focus on the negative but what we focus on expands, right? Well I thought I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to a company that I think deserves some props. Delta partnered with a company I'd never heard of called Lūvo. I just got back from San Francisco where I was visiting my sweetie. For those of you familiar with LAX - SFO you know that you're barely off the ground before you’re landing. Well Delta not only gave me a snack but that snack was Vegan, Gluten Free and delicious. On both legs of the trip I thought to take a picture but the snack was in my belly before I could but I saved you the menu so you can see the goodness for yourselves.”

Eileen D.

Norristown, PA

“Just tried your meals for the first time and I'm sold. The Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta was delicious! Such a great lunch alternative with fresher ingredients, half the sodium, and actual taste and texture. Not just microwaved mush.”