Food with a purpose

Personally, and professionally, it motivates me simply knowing that our product can change lives for the better, by helping people access a quick, nutritious meal. In fact, my own food story stemmed from the need to help my parents find food that aligned with their health needs. Now, here we are in 2019, and our team is poised to make an even bigger impact on health and eating habits. It’s time to transform the Standard American diet (SAD), characterized by excessive red meat, sugar, and sodium. Without getting too statistic-heavy, here’s a high-level view of the situation we’re working to transform:

  • 70% of products from the 10 largest food and beverage brands are considered unhealthy.
  • Annually, treating illnesses and diseases related to the foods we eat (such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease) costs Americans an estimated $210 billion USD* and $27.5 billion USD** for Canadians.

It’s these staggering numbers that inspire the work we do and fuels our “food fight”. As leaders in our industry, we’re here to show that it’s possible to do better. That’s why we work with Registered Dietitians to ensure only the ingredients your body actually needs end up in our frozen meals. That’s why we look to the expertise of leading doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Perlmutter, and Dr. Robert Graham for guidance. And it’s the reason we look to the renowned Mediterranean diet as the cornerstone for developing our recipes.

Frontrunners of frozen

Since day one, we’ve pushed beyond standards like “natural” and organic, to address specific needs. It’s not enough to eliminate the foods we’re getting too much of. For example, this national nutrition and health survey discovered that “39 percent of children and teens and 42 percent of adults consumed no whole grains at all.” When you consider that getting whole grains and fiber is tied to the prevention of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, that’s clearly a problem in need of solving. Our meals offer an easy way to up your whole grain content. We were the first frozen brand to get Whole Grain Stamp certified for all our products, making shopping and selecting a meal with at least 8g of whole grain a quick, easy decision.

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Thankfully, it’s becoming easier for consumers to identify which products will meet their needs. We’re excited to be the highest-ranked frozen brand on the Kroger Opt UP App. This app ranks all the products on grocery shelves using a 100-point rating scale for all your daily needs— protein, fiber, vegetables, lower sodium and sugar, whole grains, and more. It’s great to see more options like this popping up and empowering making informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

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Our customers are great about sharing feedback and anecdotes about our how our meals help them rise to meet their daily challenges, or provide a convenient solution where none existed before. That was the beginning of the changes you are about to see.

Eating for Performance

Now, Luvo officially introduces Performance Kitchen™.  We’re here to support eating for your best health and best self—whether that means eating to energize for your busy day, eating for focus, or to repair your body after an intense workout. The meals and flavors you know and love still have the same great taste, with the same uncompromising principles.  We’ve switched to cooking them in avocado oil.  We still deliver the protein, fiber, and vegetables your body needs while cutting the sodium and sugar that you don’t.  We’ll also be unveiling some exciting new products in the coming months, so follow us online @luvofoods and watch for them to arrive at your local grocer.

We’re excited about this next chapter in helping people live longer, happier, healthier lives—and you can count on us to continue making it a delicious experience.

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Performance Kitchen by Luvo

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