Our new 100% plant-based noodle bowl is a nutritious take on a traditional classic. Originating in Indonesia, Mie Goreng translates to “fried noodles”.  A typical Mie Goreng might include yellow wheat-based noodles, eggs, cabbage, and tomatoes. Our unique spin is a South-East Asian-style dish that aligns with the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Meaning, we’ve upped the fiber and included essential fatty acids from avocado oil. Most importantly, it tastes amazing! To find out exactly what’s inside our vegan-friendly version of Mie Goreng, read on.

Buckwheat Ramen Noodles

The ramen noodles in this dish are made with buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour. This gives them a slightly nutty taste that complements the other flavors in the dish while helping you hit your daily whole grain intake, a win-win situation!


This recipe wouldn’t be complete without a full cup of crisp vegetables, picked at peak ripeness including broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, green onions, and shallots.


The plant-based, vegan-friendly protein in this dish comes from red kidney beans, a legume native to Central America and Mexico. Kidney beans have a low glycemic index, which might be helpful to know if you’re working to manage your blood glucose or maintain an ideal weight.

Natural Herbs, Spices, and Seasoning

Rather than rely on loads of sugar or sodium to make our meals flavorful, we use real herbs and spices. Our Mie Goreng is moderately spiced, with sweet chili sauce, apple cider vinegar, garlic, tamari soy sauce, crushed red chilies, hoisin sauce that contains red miso, and a pinch of salt (430 mg, or 0.09 teaspoons, to be exact). A hint of sweetness comes from brown sugar, plum juice, and molasses (the total added sugar is equal to 3g, or 0.6 teaspoons).

Avocado Oil

This dish is cooked in avocado oil. We selected this nutrient-dense oil for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it tastes great and tends to complement just about any flavor profile or seasoning. It also has a high smoke point which makes it virtually impossible to overheat. This is a good thing because overheating cooking oil has a host of negative side effects, ranging from unpleasant taste to lessening the nutritional value and creating nasty byproducts like free radicals. Avocado oil is nutrient-rich, and a source of essential fatty acids which can help you better absorb antioxidants. Also known as fat-soluble nutrients, some antioxidants are best absorbed when paired up with healthy fats.

Altogether, these ingredients combine for a delicious, balanced meal that’s ready to eat in minutes, minus any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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