Eating healthy is a lot easier when you set yourself up for success! We’ve already covered how to stock your desk for more delicious and wholesome lunching and snacking in our post on building the ultimate desk pantry now it’s time to tackle the fridge! Here’s how to stock the fridge in your office to support your healthy eating goals: 

Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo

DIY dressing ingredients

Knowing what you’re eating is half the battle when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Making your own food using whole ingredients is a great way to avoid eating things that aren’t the best for your health. Oftentimes, making your own dressing is the key to avoiding all the fillers and mystery ingredients that can sometimes be found in store-bought dressings. Keep some red wine vinegar and fancy mustard in the fridge at work (and a good quality olive oil and your favorite dried herbs in your desk) and you’re on your way to DIY dressing heaven.

Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo
Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo

Build your spicy arsenal 

I’m a firm believer that hot sauce makes everything better. It’s also a great way to add flavor to your food without adding a lot of fat and calories. Keep a selection of your favorite hot sauces in the fridge at work and you’ll never have a dull moment at lunch.

Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo

Pre-cut veggies

Having ready-to-eat options at your fingertips makes healthy eating on the job a lot easier. When you’re doing your weekly meal prep, why not chop up a week’s worth of fresh veggies for your office snacking needs?

Healthy dips

Eating veggies on their own can be delicious, but things get a lot more interesting when you add a tasty dip to the mix. Hummus, tzatziki, peanut butter… the options are endless. You can make your own or purchase one from the grocery store. If you’re going for the latter, just be sure to pay attention to the ingredients. Bored of the same old hummus? Try these 3 Incredible Hummus Hacks.

Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo

Fruit, fruit, more fruit! 

I don’t know about you, but about an hour or so after lunch, I get a craving for a little something sweet. If you don’t have a chunk of chocolate hiding in your desk, a piece of fresh fruit is the next best thing, and also brings along essential vitamins that can help you fend off that nasty cold or flu that’s been hopping from cubicle to cubicle.

Setting Up Your Office Fridge For Success c/o @Luvo

Don’t forget to label your stuff

Chances are there’s one person in your office that thinks the fridge is a free-for-all and helps themselves to other people’s items. Keep your items clearly labelled and you can avoid having to confront the person who used the last of that hot sauce you picked up in Jamaica.

Load up on Luvo!

Having quick and easy meals in your freezer is ideal for those days when you can’t decide where to go for lunch or you skipped your meal prep for the week. Peruse the delicious and healthy frozen entrée options here and order a few for the office.

What do you keep in your office fridge? Share your staples in the comments section below!

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