We connected with our Brand Ambassador Ronnie Baker and his mother Lachelle Baker to chat about how COVID-19 has impacted their lives, how to adapt when confronted with obstacles, and words of wisdom to share during these challenging times. Here is what they had to say.

How has your life changed during COVID-19?

Ronnie: When Covid began, which was shortly after my wedding on March 7th, my life changed gradually. Some positives were that I was getting to see my wife more often after her hours got cut at work and we got to focus heavily on our marketing business we run together. The negatives were that the TCU facilities shut down completely which interrupted my training schedule. I was fortunate to have a place to lift during Covid, although my running was now restricted to a grass field in a local park. The conditions were not the greatest, I had to dodge anthills, potholes and dog poop. This experience made me grateful for the TCU facilities. I now see the value and never will take that for granted, everyday we get to be on that track is a blessing.

Lachelle: I work as a nurse in the Louisville, KY area. When Covid initially started to spread and hospitals started to fill up, I became a bit fearful – Not out of fear that I would contract Covid myself, but because of the uncertainty and challenges that came with work. I traveled to New Jersey during the outbreak to help with hospitals in the area that needed extra assistance. I had to stay in hotels and traveled by car from Louisville to New Jersey while I stayed there for 2-3 weeks at a time. Every day was different and it was scary because I didn’t know what I would be doing or how many patients I would see, or if someone may even die that day.

I noticed my emotions changed a lot during this time as well, I became sad because I would be with patients that could not see or communicate with their families. I had to not only be a nurse, but I had to be someone’s mom, aunt, cousin, sister or brother. I became their family during their time in the hospital going through treatments and fighting for their lives. I felt remorse for the patients, but it also gave me a great opportunity to connect with them on a spiritual level because I had to wear so many hats. Lastly, a big change was going into work and being more cautious of protecting yourself. We had to wear multiple masks layered on top of each other as well as face shields, and changed scrubs multiple times each day. This was stressful and an adjustment, but it was worth it for the patients sake and for my safety.

How did you adapt when faced with these obstacles?

Ronnie: I adapted by rolling with the punches. I moved most of my recovery and practice prep to my home and adjusted my workouts accordingly. Outside of my career and training, my life looked pretty normal. When you are a go-getter you don’t let the minor things ruin your day or your life. You figure out quickly what to do and you make it happen. So my adaptations to the circumstances were minor, but made all the difference.

Lachelle: I adapted by changing my mindset going into work with Covid patients. I had to continue to remind myself that I was doing a great service because I was taking care of sick patients that were desperate for help and fearful for their lives. And I was also providing service to their families who would have liked to help and care for their loved ones but at the time couldn’t. I took extra time preparing my mind and body for each grueling day and I began to pray more to elevate my faith.

What are words of wisdom for adapting to changing times?

Ronnie: I think the most important thing is to have a positive attitude and not assume the worst. Watch what you say. I’m a firm believer that what you speak is what you get, if you speak despair and negative about any situation that is exactly what you will get because your words have power.

Lachelle: Continue to educate yourself on the virus and ways you can stay safe, this will decrease anxiety and worry going into each and every day. I would suggest praying continuously and understand that times are changing but if we encompass ourselves in prayer we can be more prepared and at peace. Also make sure you’re not only handling your spiritual health, but also eating properly and exercising to keep your body healthy.