Curious about a vegetarian or vegan diet, but still like eating meat? Going meat-less, (as opposed to giving it up entirely) can still help you reap the environmental and nutritional benefits that come with a more plant-forward way of eating.

Research has shown many benefits to adopting a “flexitarian” way of eating, or as I like to call it – going meat-less.

Flexitarian diet patterns are linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Studies of populations known for longevity tend to eat a diet that includes animal foods but in moderate amounts. Additionally, reducing meat consumption helps preserve natural resources by using fewer fossil fuels, farmland, and water.

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Tips on Moderating Your Meat Consumption

  1. Blend in mushrooms

Mix chopped mushrooms with ground meat in your favorite meatloaf, burger, or meatball recipes. It adds moisture, umami flavor, and tons of B vitamins. For added flavor, roast the mushrooms first. Start by swapping ¼ of the meat for mushrooms, then increase to half. Here are more ideas for cutting back on meat using mushrooms.

  1. Put an egg on it

Top an easy meatless meal with a fried or poached egg for some extra protein. Eggs are a great source of protein, plus they contain choline and lutein, two nutrients that are important for cognitive function. Try an egg over roasted vegetables tossed with pasta, sautéed beans, and spinach; or a simple hash of sweet potato and zucchini.

  1. Try tofu – it’s not as scary as you think

Tofu can be polarizing, but it’s really delicious when it’s prepared right! Tofu is essentially mozzarella cheese, but made with soymilk instead of cow’s milk – it’s actually made using the same process. What’s great about tofu is that it soaks up the flavors it’s cooked in, so even though it’s bland without seasoning, with a tasty sauce it can be really delicious. Check out more tips for making tofu taste great.

  1. Master an easy vegetarian meal for weeknights

We all have those favorite weeknight meals that the whole family loves–the ones we can practically cook blindfolded! Master a vegetarian version of your go-to meal so you can whip up an easy and tasty dish when you’re short on time instead of ordering takeout or cooking your usual meat-centric dish.

  1. Pack a Luvo Flipped Bowl for lunch

Luvo Flipped Bowls were designed with the flexitarian in mind! They’re made with antibiotic-free chicken meatballs over wholegrain pasta, plus plant-based protein from beans. Choose from chicken meatballs in creamy pesto sauce, creamy stroganoff sauce, garlic wine sauce, or tomato basil sauce.



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